Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gallows Humor...

One of my friends was worried because someone at her husband's work was diagnosed with Swine Flu and her husband had a cough for 2 weeks that would not respond to antibiotics. She was fretting on Facebook about it and the possibility that she and her children might catch Swine Flu. Several people commented to assuage her fears, but several other people were feeding into it and probably making her more worried. I thought I would make an attempt at gallows humor to lighten the mood and posted:

"Swine flu isn't that dangerous. Statistics show that only one of your children is likely to die.



One of her friends wrote in response, "That's not funny! No one is laughing!"

Her name was **** Bacon.

I wanted to write, "I wouldn't be laughing about Swine Flu either if my last name was Bacon."

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No Grooming Needed...

So I went to basketball last night and most of the regulars didn't show up. Around 10 PM, a bunch of high school kids came. We played 4 on 4, old guys against young guys. They were skins, the fatties were shirts. One of the guys on my team went out to set a screen on one of the 17-year olds. The kid made a comment, "Why are you trying to get so close to me?" I said, "Yeah, do you like young boys?" And the kid added, "Geez, you'd think you'd at least try to warm me up by offering me candy or something first."

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blue Grouse?

Is this a blue grouse? What kind is it if not?

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Family Pictures at Pine Hollow Overlook

Friday, July 17, 2009

Testing for Testing's Sake

We got a referral the other day from a psychologist/therapist who wanted a full psychological battery done on a young woman. She wanted cognitive, academic, personality, projective, and even neuropsychological testing completed. I agree that some of the above were needed, but not the academic testing or even most of the neuropsychological testing. I mean, this girl scored 5s on most of her AP exams, scored between 750 and 800 on all of the sections of the SAT, and was the valedictorian of her class. Do we really need academic testing to see if this girl has a learning disorder? Seems like overkill... :)

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Check out some of my Facebook Photo Albums from July 2009

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Timpanookie Road Trip

Because I couldn't find a babysitter so I could go fishing, I took the little girls up the Timpanookie Road today to explore. It was beautiful. I thought it would go down into Pleasant Grove at the end, but instead it dead-ended. Abby started to cry because she thought we were lost. :) She and Miranda asked to say a prayer so they wouldn't be scared. We made it back out, but that is one bumpy road. Afterwards, we bought doughnuts at Walmart and had a doughnut party...

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I love this old gas station in it...
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Sexual Abuse Victims

My wife was involved in an investigation to arrest a religion teacher for sexually molesting a young student of his. We were checking out the online news articles and the comment boards. It makes me sad how hateful some of the comments are and how they attack the victim. Just because words like "rape" and "aggravated kidnapping" are used in the charges does not mean it is a violent rape or kidnapping someone in a violent fashion. The girl was a willing participant in the abuse, but she is also extremely young, naive, and easily influenced. He reportedly coerced her with many promises of what their life together was going to be. And, after reading how many people are shocked by his 'alleged' crimes, it solidifies in my mind that he really did abuse his position of trust in order to take sexual advantage of this young teenager. I hope the prosecuting attorney takes those message board comments and uses them against him to show just how convincing, likable, 'spiritual,' and influential this man really was...

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I changed the shirt color to black to accommodate Xmas cards...

The Black T-shirt Gang lives on....

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Brother and children...

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Definition of Superiority Complex

We had a discussion at my parents' house about inferiority and superiority complexes...since I always have to prove I am right, here is the information from Alfred Adler who coined the term:

"As we know, a superiority complex always hides an inferiority complex; it means wanting to appear greater and higher without actually striving for improvement. We find this kind of superiority complex in the daydreams of a poor and weak child, daydreams about being a hero, a conqueror, the richest person, saving others, although he really fears everything. This superiority complex happens if a child suffers from an inferiority complex. However, the striving for superiority does not tolerate a feeling of inferiority; therefore, the inferiority complex must be covered by a superiority complex. Both reflect the same root."

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Partition Arch - Arches National Park

My first fender-bender... :(

Yesterday, on the way home from work, I had my first fender-bender. I was driving, glanced over at the mountain, glanced back at the road and noticed brake lights ahead...started slowing, then realized they had stopped (traffic backs up a long way from the traffic light now). Slammed on my brakes, but it was too late. There wasn't another lane to swerve into, and my driver side light hit their passenger side bumper and knocked it off. Luckily I was only going 5 mph or so when I hit them and it didn't cause them any whiplash or deploy any airbags. What a rotten way to end the day. Since I hit them, my insurance is responsible to pay for the damages. Now our insurance will go up. I was so angry and upset with myself--and still am. Then to top it all off, I went to play basketball to let off some steam and at the end of the night got tripped as I was going to run after another player. I fell facefirst into his heel coming up as he was running. It caught me right under the chin and left a gash about an eighth or quarter inch deep and about a half inch long. It was bleeding. I also chipped one of my back molars... I thought it would need stitches, but was able to put some bandaids to hold it together last night. It looks like it is starting to heal fine. That is all I needed at the end of a rotten day was an ER bill...glad I didn't need stitches.

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