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James Avery Ludlow Bunce & Esther Lewis (4G Grandparents)

Name: James Avery Ludlow BUNCE

Sex: M 
Birth: 1797 in Rensselaer,New York
Death: 28 MAR 1860 in Genesee Township,Whiteside,Illinois
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Esther Lewis (daughter of Comfort Lewis and Abigail)9966, 9967 was born May 22, 1806 in New York9968, 9969, and died October 31, 1876 in Whiteside, IL. She married James Avery Ludlow Bunce on 1820, son of Daniel Bunce.

More About Esther Lewis:
Died 2: October 31, 1876, Whiteside, Illinois.9970, 9971----
James Avery Ludlow Bunce (son of Daniel Bunce)2783, 2784 was born 1797 in Rensselaer, NY, and died March 28, 1860 in Genessee Twp., Whiteside, IL. He married Esther Lewis on 1820, daughter of Comfort Lewis and Abigail.

More About James Avery Ludlow Bunce:
Date born 2: 1797, Rensselaer, New York.2785, 2786
Died 2: March 28, 1860, Genesee Township, Whiteside, Illinois.2787, 2788
More About James Avery Ludlow Bunce and Esther Lewis:
Marriage 1: 1820
Marriage 2: Abt. 18202789, 2790
Children of James Avery Ludlow Bunce and Esther Lewis are:
+Debra Ann Bunce, b. July 12, 1829.
Daniel A. DeLoss Bunce, b. Abt. 1823, New York2791, 2792, d. WFT Est. 1854-19142793, 2794.
Jacob Delaney Bunce, b. Abt. 1825, New York2795, 2796, d. WFT Est. 1851-1916, Minnesota2797, 2798.
Lydia Debra Bunce, b. Abt. 1826, New York2799, 2800, d. Abt. 1896, Kansas2801, 2802.
Lewis DeMott Bunce, b. September 29, 1827, Wolcott Township, Wayne, New York2803, 2804, d. August 16, 1900, Price, Utah2805, 2806.
+Delia (Adelia) Ann Bunce, b. July 12, 1829, New York2807, 2808, d. November 09, 1906, Whiteside, Illinois2809, 2810.
Charles DeWitt Bunce, b. September 03, 1831, Wolcott Township, Wayne, New York2811, 2812, d. September 20, 1908, Ottumwa, Iowa2813, 2814.
Abigail D. Bunce, b. Abt. 1837, Michigan2815, 2816, d. WFT Est. 1859-19312817, 2818.
Densmore Journey Bunce, b. December 22, 1838, Ogle, Illinois2819, 2820, d. February 05, 1924, Des Moines, Polk, Iowa2821, 2822.
Danforth Worthington Bunce, b. September 07, 1840, Carroll, Illinois2823, 2824, d. April 28, 1925, Des Moines, Polk, Iowa2825, 2826.
Martha Delight Bunce, b. July 14, 1843, Carroll, Illinois2827, 2828, d. November 02, 1932, Bayard, Guthrie, Iowa2829, 2830.
David King Bunce, b. April 27, 1845, Mt. Carroll Tshp, Carroll, Illinois2831, 2832, d. December 13, 1916, Gilbert, Story, Iowa2833, 2834.
Some information on their children:
Hi Linda,

Saw your Query and thought I would give you some more information on David King Bunce, he is the brother of my direct line descendent Lewis Demott Bunce. They are the sons of James Avery Ludlow Bunce and Esther Lewis. I have been researching this line for some time and have now found that Esther Lewis is the daughter of Comfort Lewis and Abigail Bragg. She was born either in Wolcott,Wayne,New York or Butternuts,Otsego,New York. I found deeds for Comfort Lewis in both of those areas. James A.L. Bunce moved to Wolcott,Wayne,New York from Pompey,Onondaga,New York. He purchased the property next to Esther's family.I found a history in Salt Lake City, at the Joseph Smith Building, on David King Bunce. It is found in Book Area 929.273 B881r written by Janet Lloy Marsden Rogers, and is a wonderful history and well documented.  Would love to correspond with you, maybe we can work together in researching further.
Sally Hansen
7-1-13 Bunce, N.Y., 111 E m i t y Burgener, 842 35th Street.

Richmond, Calif., submits the following :

I am searching f o r parents and any i n f o r m a t i o n on James A. L. Bunce, born 1797, Rensselaer County, New York,and his wife Esther Lewis, N. Y.This couple had eleven children, seven boys and four g i r l s . Some members of the f a m i l y went to Conn, and others moved f u r t h e r west. Sons Jacob, Charles, David and Danford served in the C i v i l War and enrolled i n or near Joe Daviss County, I l l i n o i s d u r i n g August and September of 1862.Densmore married Merinda Griffee i n October, 1854. Danford married Louisa F r a n k l i n May, 1858. David K.m a r r i e d E l i z z y Linerod November, 1867.
Mr. Bunce died 1860 and Mrs. Bunce i n 1876.
James A.L. Bunce

James A.L. Bunce was born in Rensselaer County, New York, and married Hester Lewis. They had 11 children. All their names start with the letter D: Delos, Delaney, Deborah, Demitt, Delia Ann, Darwin, Dunmore, Danforth, Delight, David, and Dewitt. Many of them are buried at Hazel Green Cemetery.
Im looking for the gravesite of my GG Grandfather Daniel Bunce. He was the first son of James A. L. Bunce from New York. Daniel’s profession is listed as "carpenter" in the 1860 U. S. Census of Fillmore, Minnesota. In the 1880 census he and his family show up in Grundy Co., Missouri and he is listed as a Physician. In the 1900 census of Grundy County, Missouri, his wife Sarah is listed as living with her son Samuel. Daniel is not listed.

The 1890 U. S. Census was almost totally destroyed by a fire so there is no record showing if Daniel was still alive by then, but unless they moved between 1880 and 1900, he should be buried some where around Grundy County, Missouri. If he was a Physician as stated in 1880, one would think a person that important to the community would leave more of a trail. If he did, I can't find his date or place of death. If anyone has information on Daniel or his wife Sarah's final resting place please contact me. I have what I think is a fair ammount of information on James A. L.'s descendants to share. THX
Hi Chris,

Got your E-mail and I again sent you some information I have on this family, but it was returned.

So I will try again. I have only been researching this family for a few months. Esther the daughter of Comfort and Abigail, was married to James Avery Ludlow Bunce. They are my direct line. I was trying to find the parentage of James Bunce, I sent a quety through Seneca County also asking for information on the Lewis line. Dolores from California answered. We have been corresponding for the past few months. She sent me Film and deed numbers for Comfort, I found the deed from the heirs of Comfort Lewis, deceased, recorded in Book P, page 286, Seneca County, New York. That deed gave me the children of Comfort and Abigail and included all their spouses.
On the 1800 census for Otsego County, New York it lists Comfort Lewis. So I found deeds from that county and found that Comfort and Abigail deeded away their property there about 1815, they then moved to Wolcott, Seneca, New York, please note that county had a boundary change in 1823 and it then became
Wayne County. 
Comfort purchased his property in Wolcott, Wayne, New York from Elizabeth Hamilton, a widow on 1 Oct 1816, I have a copy of that deed. It contained 150 acres, he deeded away 50 acres of that land to Wilm Davis of Wolcott, on the 4 Jun 1817. And the heirs of Comfort, deeded the other 100 acres away in
Abigail, his widow by that time had remarried, Jonatha Runyon, the deed was signed by Charles and Lucy Lewis, Benjamin and Lucinda Lewis, Zion and Abigail Potter, George and Sally Hallet, Esther and James A.L. Bunce and Abial Lewis. They at that time were all listed as over 21 years old, and it also named Comfort and Levi as infants under 21 years old.
I have information on all of Esther's children and none on any of the other siblings. I have been searching everything I can find to find their names.
I also have copies of deeds for Charles Lewis of Butler both as Grantee and Grantor. Abial Lewis of Butler as both Grantee and Grantor.
I would like to know what information you have that Comfort was of Marlboro, Ulster, New York, maybe that is where we will find his parents and siblings.
You stated that Charles and Lucy lived in Michigan too, do you have information on their family? Do you have any information on Benjamin and Lucinda? Did they go to Michigan with the rest of the kids. I know that James A.L. and Esther Bunce were there for a while, but they eventually lived and died in Illinois.
I am going to the Salt Lake Library Tuesday of next week to search somemore, maybe I will find something new then. I'm glad I found someone searching this line maybe we can help each other and put all the  pieces  together.
Thanks for answering my query and I will be glad to correspond with you and help all I can.
Warmly, Sally

David K. Bunce, now living retired in Gilbert, was formerly closely identified with agricultural interests in western Iowa. Persistent effort and well directed energy, however, brought him increasing success year by year, and at length with a comfortable competence as the reward of his labors he retired and now has leisure for the enjoyment of those things which are of most interest to him.
He is a native son of the neighboring state of Illinois, his birth having occurred in Carroll county, on the 27th of April, 1845. His parents were James A. and Esther (Lewis) Bunce, natives of New York and Michigan,
Perhaps your editor may be pardoned for taking space to recount how he was able recently to identify the picture of a great-great-grandmother. When I was a boy, my paternal grandmother once showed me an old photograph and said: "Russell, I want you to look at a picture of my grandmother." She also told me that this grandmother, her mother's mother, had lived with her parents and that when she took tea to her room in the afternoon, "Grandma Bunce would give me a peppermint candy." Years later, after my grandmother's death in 1939, I tried to remember which among her many unlabeled photographs was the one she had shown me. I thought I knew, but could never be positive. Recently, however, a descendant of a brother of my grandmother found the same picture among his old photographs. Fortunately, he had written "Grandma Bunce" on the back of his copy. Now I know for certain that the picture that belonged to my grandmother is, indeed, that of her grandmother, Esther (Lewis) Bunce, because a great-uncle whom I never knew had the foresight to identify for his descendants the pictures in his album.


Hans Sorensen & Metta Maria Jensen (4G Grandparents)

Metta Maria JENSEN was born 1815 in Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark, was christened 15 MAY 1815 in Garnisons, Kobenhavn, Kobenhavn, Denmark, and died 1890 in Darby, Ravalli, Montana.

Does anyone have original research on these two and who their parents are?  I think the LDS Familysearch records may be inaccurate...

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James Crawford II & Elizabeth Brown 4G Grandparents

Elizabeth Brown
Parents: John & Margaret Portious (Portis) Brown

Birth Date: abt 1796 in Walston, Lanark, Scotland
Married: abt 1824 to James Crawford II in Scotland
Death: 17 Feb 1844 in Biggar, Lanark, Scotland

in Walston, Lanarkshire, Scotland, and died February 17, 1844 in Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland. She married JAMES CRAWFORD II 1884. He was born December 04, 1794 in Dunshire, Lanark, Scotland, and died 1848 in Carlisle, Ombrim, England.

Burial: Biggar Church Yard, Lanarkshire, Scotland
I can't find any information online about James Crawford II
LDS records say he was born about 1794 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Died 1848 Carlisle, Ombrim, England
Buried Carlisle, Cumberland, England, UK

John Houston & Mary Dempster Houston 4G Grandparents

Mary Dempster Houston
Parents: John & Penuel McDonald Dempster

Birth Date: 16 Feb 1782 in Luss, Dumbarton, Scotland
Married: 6 Jan 1779 to John Houston in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland
Death: 1856 in Unknown
John Houston [Parents] 1, 2 was born 2 on 2 Nov 1782 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. He died 2 in 1830 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. He was buried 2 in 1830 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. John married 2 Mary Dempster on 6 Jan 1805 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Mary Dempster [Parents] 1, 2 was born 2 about 1786 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. She died 2 on 4 Nov 1856 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. She was buried 2 in 1856 in Gaelic Church Burying Ground, Renfrewshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. Mary married 2 John Houston on 6 Jan 1805 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, United Kingdom.

They had the following children.

F i Elizabeth Houston was born on 6 Nov 1804. She died in 1829.

F ii Mary Houston was born on 13 Dec 1806. She died in 1890.

M iii John Houston was born on 3 Sep 1808. He died in 1836.

F iv Catherine Houston 1 was born 1 on 21 Dec 1810 in Abbey (Paisley), Renfrewshire, Scotland, United Kingdom.[Notes]

M v Thomas Houston was born on 7 Feb 1813. He died in 1891.

F vi Margaret Houston was born on 16 Apr 1815.

M vii James Houston was born on 4 Jun 1817. He died in from 3 Jan 1863 to 5 Jan 1864.

F viii Jane Houston 1, 2 was born 2 on 18 Feb 1823 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. She died 2 about 1828.