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Joseph Barnhurst & Priscilla Underhill, 4G Grandparents

Description: Joseph and Priscilla Barnhurst Family. Rear: John, Washington, Harriet, Joseph Jr., Samuel. Front: Rebecca, Priscilla, Joseph Sr., Priscilla, Mary, Elizabeth. Identities of Samuel, Joseph Sr., and Priscilla are certain, others are probable. Any help with identities would be appreciated.
Joseph Jonah Barnhurst, born May 1782 in Birmingham, Warwick England married Priscilla Underhill.
Joseph Jonah was the son of Thomas Barnhurst born 1735 in Bearley, Warwick England and Susanna H Phillips Armstrong born 1750, Birmingham Warwick Eng.

Joseph Jonah Barnhurst
Birth: 8 May 1782 Birmingham, Warwickshire UK
Death: 7 May 1857 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Marriage to Priscilla Underhill
1808 Birmingham, Warwickshire UK

Spouse & Children
Priscilla Underhill 1790 - 1866
Elizabeth Barnhurst
1812 - 1882
Joseph Barnhurst
1814 -
Mary Barnhurst
1815 - 1894
Priscilla Barnhurst
1816 - 1862
John Barnhurst
1821 - 1872
Harriet Barnhurst
1822 -
Samuel Barnhurst
1827 - 1890
Thomas Barnhurst
1830 -
Rebecca Barnhurst
1839 -  

 Joseph Barnhurst (d.1857), a Item 2 son of Thomas Barnhurst, immigrated from England to Dublin, Ireland, and married Priscilla Underhill.
Barnhurst Family.
Papers, 1836-1927. 2 folders [Formerly Alphabetical File]
Joseph Barnhurst (1735-1851) and his wife Priscilla Underhill (1750- ) emigrated from England to Dublin, Ireland, and then finally to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The couple had twelve children. William Barnhurst (1819-1850) was the oldest. The eldest daughter Elizabeth Barnhurst married Thomas Tweedale and remained in Philadelphia. Washington Barnhurst (1830-1862) became a Baptist minister. He served as minister of the Third Baptist Church of St. Louis from 1856 to 1860.
The collection consists of Elizabeth Barnhurst’s memory book, two copies of the Elizabeth Barnhurst Tweedale’s will, property abstracts for lots in St. Louis, sketches of the Barnhurst family coat of arms, and biographical sketches of various members of the Flournoy family of Prince Edward County, Virginia.
Cite as: Barnhurst Family Papers, Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis
I'm not working on this line of my family right now, but found something some years ago that might be helpful to you if you don't know about it already. Sorry I don't know who Priscilla's parents are, but this is what I DO know. Joseph Jonah Barnhurst was an iron and brass founder by trade according to a Barnhurst history written by Leathra Laub and Milton Rubincam. There is in the Bishop's transcripts of the parish church of Sheffield, York, England, a marriage listing for JOSHUA Barnhurst and Presilla Undrill "by Banns" on 30 May 1808.(FHL film # 919327) Yes, it gives him another name, but that happens and in view of the fact that Sheffield was a great metalworking center of the time, it makes sense to me that he might have been there learning his trade.I can't think that this would be a different couple. The timing is right. Sheffield is also close to Manchester. The Underhills may have moved there since Priscilla's birth. Manchester, by the way, is nowhere near Warwickshire. Can't imagine where that came from. Anyway, if this is new to you, I hope it helps.

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Happy Mother's Day

Things I like/liked about my no particular order...
  • Homemade cookies every day after school.
  • Homemade lunches every day for school
  • Homemade meals every night
  • Always an example of how to live a righteous life
  • Always considerate of other people's feelings
  • Went without so we could have
  • Took care of her children, and other people's children so we would have extra money
  • Supportive of her children's activities
  • Keeps great journals
  • Emails her children nearly every day
  • Peacemaker
  • Makes cute gifts for my kids
  • Loves her family
Happy Mother's Day Mom...