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Thomas Herbert & Hannah Winter (6G Grandparents)

Thomas Herbert Birth 1730 Germany (not sure if this is accurate) Burial Abt 1800 ---- Hannah Winters Birth Abt 1734 of Middletown, Monmouth, New Jersey, USA Death Deceased ---- This might be them... "Thomas Herbert III married Hannah Winter October 21, 1751, in Monmouth Co, NJ. (6; Appendix) Hannah Winter was the daughter of Andrew Winter, the son of William Winter and Hannah Grover. The Winter and Grover families were pioneers of Monmouth Co, New Jersey. Andrew Winter was born about 1790, and died before April 30, 1760. Andrew Winter's daughter, Catherine Winter, married James Bray.(7) Thomas and Hannah Herbert in 1766 in Kingwood Township, Hunterdon Co, NJ, had neighbors Joseph Everits of Kingwood Township, who in a deed dated October 6th, 1766, sold his property (277 acres) to Smith Cornwell of Bucks Co, Pa. The deed described the tract lying along "Abraham Gray's line" near "Thomas Herbert's plantation" and "Hezekiah Bonham's & Daniel Everit's line." (8) Abraham Gray Sr. died 1782 in Kingwood Twp., Hunterdon Co, NJ. His wife was Ariaantje Aertsen, and his children included Anne Gray, Daniel Gray & Isaac Gray Sr. (8a) Baptist interest at Kingwood Township began in 1722. By 1734, Kingwood Township has eight Baptist families. Mr. Thomas Curtis, a minister and a member of Hopewell Church, supervised construction of a small meeting house. James Bray and his wife, former members of Middletown (Holmdel), a son of John Bray (who built the 3rd house of worship and parsonage at Holmdel in 1705) arrived in Kingwood Township.(9) John Bray of Middletown had acquired 500 acres in the Baptistown area; and in 1737, he bought another 1,000 acres. In 1748, a year after the Kingwood Baptist Church was founded, John and James Bray moved from Middletown to Kingwood. At the formation of the Kingwood Baptist Church in 1742, all member signed a covenant formally and solemnly obligating themselves to live up to its rules and to accept penalties for transgression of those rules. Thomas and his wife Hannah Herbert were members of the Kingwood Baptist Church at Baptistown. (10) Thomas Herbert became Deacon of Kingwood Church on 21st of October 1765. Hannah (Winter) Herbert was baptized (adult baptism) on 21st of June 1766. (11) The Winter, Bray and Herbert family lived in Kingwood Township, Hunterdon Co, in the years before the Revolutionary War. Thomas Herbert was "excluded" from Kingwood Church 12th of October 1770; Hannah Herbert was "dismissed" toward the end of October 1776. Dismissal was for the purpose of membership to another church; exclusion was for chastisement. Thomas Herbert sold his "plantation" Sept. 5, 1770, to Isaac Gray and Hendrick Gulick (12) Thomas Herbert IV and Josiah Herbert, sons of Thomas III, removed to Loudoun Co Va. in 1772. Thomas Herbert remained in Hunterdon Co as shown by final settlement of "mortgage debt" to James Gray and John Jones in August, 1774. Andrew Bray Esq. settled his debt to Thomas Herbert at the same time. (see #12 under Hunterdon Co NJ Common Pleas Court Entries next)" ---- This might be them too: Re: Stewart Herbert, Indian War veteran maureen harbourt (View posts) Posted: 14 Feb 2005 10:51AM GMT Classification: Query I also noticed that when Stewart Herbert Jr. died in 1795 in Hagerstown MD, the executor of his will was John Winter. There are several Herbert-Winter connections in the NJ line. Thomas Herbert married Hannah Winter, d/o Andrew Winter in abt 1750 in NJ. Their sons, Josiah and Thomas moved to first Loudoun, then Berkeley Co Va [less than 50 miles from Hagerstown]. Josiah served in Rev. War also - with Virginia troops [was at Ft. ? at Steubenville OH] their cousin of some sort - Peter Herbert moved to Loudon, then Berkeley [now Morgan Co VA - the line I am researching. Lived very near Sleepy Creek and Berkeley Springs] There was another group of related Herberts who came from NJ to Loudoun [George, John -William] just before Rev. War[. There are Winter or Winters families that came about same time or earlier. More puzzle pieces. ---- Thomas Herbert died. Thomas married Hannah Winter on 21 Oct 1751 in , Monmouth, New Jersey. Hannah Winter [Parents] was born about 1729 in of, , Monmouth, New Jersey. She died. Hannah married Thomas Herbert on 21 Oct 1751 in , Monmouth, New Jersey. ---- Peter Harbourt/Herbert Sr. came from NJ to Loudoun Co VA in abt 1772 and is on the tax records there through the 1780's. Also on the tax records were his relatives, Thomas Herbert and his wife Hannah Winters, along with their son Josiah Herbert b. 1755. There were also a John and a William Herbert that appeared at the same time. The relationship of Peter Sr. to these others is not yet definitevely known. However, records of the North Fork Batptist Church in Loudoun show that Peter Sr. and Josiah belonged to the same church. Further, Peter's daughter Mary Joanna, married John Helm Jr. and Josiah married John's sister or 1st cousin Margaret Helm. Josiah later became a Baptist preacher and moved to KY. ----


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