Sunday, December 15, 2013

Does this mean my Great Great Great Grandfather Married His First Cousin

William Hogg and Sarah Hogg have the same mother and father according to FamilySearch.

Oliver Barnhurst Huntington and Velma May Evans (Great Grandparents)

There is actually a blog dedicated to them that is run by my Great Uncle Garn Huntington.

Oliver and his sister Julia Marie Huntington

Oliver and Velma

James Frank Houston & Roene Syrett (Great Grandparents)

I have only heard a few stories about these great-grandparents.  Wish people would post more stories online.

Family Search Allows People to Attach Photos of Ancestors

So excited that FamilySearch now allows you to attach pictures of your ancestors to your family tree. I have already found about 10 pictures of great-great grandparents that I have never seen before. If you have old pictures of your ancestors, and know who they are, take a picture of the picture and upload it (or scan it). 

I have already updated and added a bunch of pictures from Family Search to this Blog...Thanks to all my distant relatives who are uploading old pictures.