Sunday, September 25, 2011

Morton Jensen & Anne Christensen (4G Grandparents)

Morten was born 16 March 1794.  He was born in Qvisil, Aasted, Hjorring, Denmark.  He was buried at sea on 31 December 1855.

Anne was born in February 1793 in Tolne, Hjorring, Denmark.  She died on 19 December 1888 in Brigham City, Utah.
446. Morten Jensen, born March 16, 1794 in Tolne (Hjorring), Denmark; died December 31, 1855 and buried at sea. He was the son of 892. Jens Mortensen and 893. Inger Marie Madsen. He married 447. Ann Christenson March 27, 1826 in Aasted (Hjerring), Denmark.

447. Ann Christenson, born 1794 in Denmark; died December 19, 1888 in Brigham City (Box Elder), Utah. She was the daughter of 894. Christen Neilsen and 895. Anna Pedersen.
Child of Morten Jensen and Ann Christenson is:

223 i. Mary Jensen, born June 29, 1826 in Tolne (Hjorring), Denmark; died August 15, 1899 in Bloomington (Bear Lake), Idaho; married Peter Thompson September 21, 1849 in Lendum (Hjorring), Denmark.
I believe she and her two children came across the plains in this company:
John G. Holman Company (Journal History, 25 Sep 1868 or Deseret News, Volume 17, page 266)

According to, she remarried on 12/27/1857 to Anders Christian  Andersen. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

John Jones & Anne David (4G Grandparents)

I can't find any information on them... :(

LDS FamilySearch states that John Jones was born in Aberdare, Glamorgan, Wales in 1774.  He was christened on 10 September 1780 in Baglan, Glamorgan, Wales.

Anne David was born about 1776.  She was christened on 5 February 1792.  She was buried on 17 December 1847 at Llwydcoed, Aberdare, Glamorgan, Wales. 

Information on Glamorgan from internet:

George Rees & Catherine Betsy Richards (4G Grandparents)

Catherine Betsy Richards Birthdate: 1795

Death: (Date and location unknown)
Does anyone have access to the 1841 Census? If you do, could you please look for a George and Catherine Reese (Catherine was Catherine Betsy Richards prior to marrying George). They had a child, Thomas, in 1811, or so. Any information about either of these two, or just as importantly, either of their parents or any of their children is greatly appreciated.
I know George was born in 1795 in Aberdare; Catherine Betsy Richards was born in 1795 in Neath, Elam; they were married in either 1809 or 1819, and probably lived in Aberdare in 1841.

I can't find any stories about this family...

William Hogg & Mary Bouckley (4G Grandparents)

William Hogg (1781 - 1850)

Born in Measham, Derby, England on 1781 to Thomas Hogg and Catherine Goacher. William married Mary Bouckley and had 7 children. He passed away on 14 Nov 1850 or the 24 Nov in Ashby De La Zouch, England.
Mary Bouckley (1782 - 1855)

Born in Measham, Derby, England on 1782 to Thomas Buckley and Dorothy Dennis. Mary married William Hogg and had 7 children. She passed away on Sept. 7, 1855 in Ashby De La Zouch, England.

I can find no stories about this family...

Thomas Ward & Sarah Hogg (4G Grandparents)

Sarah Hogg Ward
Birthdate: 1776

Birthplace: Measham, Derbyshire
Death: Died February 1, 1820 in Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire
Thomas Ward [Parents] was born in A, England. He was christened on 15 Aug 1773 in Moira, Ashley, Leistershire, England. He died on 12 Jul 1832 in Moira, Ashby De La Zouch, Leistershire, England. He married Sarah Hogg on 2 May 1803 in Measham, Derby, England.

Sarah Hogg [Parents] was born in 1776 in Leistershire, England. She was christened on 29 Sep 1776 in Mearsham, Derby, England. She died on 1 Feb 1820 in Moira, Ashby De La Zouch, Leistershire, England. She married Thomas Ward on 2 May 1803 in Measham, Derby, England.
I cannot find any stories about this family...