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Jens Mortensen & Inger Marie Madsen (5G Grandparents)

Inger Marie Madsen (1772 - 1840)

Born in Lendum, Denmark on 1772. Inger Marie married Jens Mortensen and had a child. She passed away on 18 Jul 1840 in Tolne, Denmark.

Jens Mortensen (1768 - 1825)

Born in Taars, Denmark on 1768 to Morten Nielsen and Karen Jensen. Jens married Inger Marie Madsen and had a child. Jens married Helle Jensen. He passed away on 28 Mar 1825 in Bremsholt, Tolne, Denmark.

446. Morten Jensen, born March 16, 1794 in Tolne (Hjorring), Denmark; died December 31, 1855 in at sea. He was the son of 892. Jens Mortensen and 893. Inger Marie Madsen. He married 447. Ann Christenson March 27, 1826 in Aasted (Hjerring), Denmark.
       447. Ann Christenson, born 1794 in Denmark; died December 19, 1888 in Brigham City (Box Elder), Utah. She was the daughter of 894. Christen Neilsen and 895. Anna Pedersen.
Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel, 1847–1868
Jensen, Inger Marie Madsen

Birth Date: 6 Jan. 1819
Death Date: 21 Feb. 1903
Gender: Female
Age: 43
Company: Unidentified Companies (1862)
Ledger C, 458, in Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company, Financial Account, 1849-1885.  

Jens (Sondergaard) Sorensen & Anne (Maren) Christensen (5G Grandparents)

Here is a link to their information:

Elling and Ostergaard Denmark,_Denmark

Niels Jensen & Ane Christensen (5G Grandparents)

I know they are other information available. 

Thomas David & Jane John (5G Grandparents)

Jane John (1741 - 1816)Born in Aberdare, Glamorgan, Wales on 1741. Jane married Thomas David and had 6 children. She passed away on 9 Mar 1816 in Aberdare, Glamorgan, Wales.

Thomas David (1737 - 1817)Born in Aberdare, Glamorgan, Wales on 1737. Thomas married Jane John and had 6 children. He passed away on 8 Apr 1817 in Aberdare, Glamorgan, Wales.



John Jones & Jennet Jenkin (5G Grandparents)

I can't locate stories on this couple.

Richard Richard & Elizabeth Thomas (5G Grandparents)

Can't find information on this family...lived in Glamorgan, Wales