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John Haworth & Mary Garner (6G Grandparents)

John Birth 1724 Pennsylvania, United States Death Solebury,Bucks,Pennsylvania ---- Mary Birth 1722 Germany Death 24 Jan 1805 Haverford, Chester, Pennsylvania ---- ---- John HAWORTH Birth:1730 Buckingham, Bucks, Pennsylvania Death:6 Jan 1789 Haverford, Chester, Pennsylvania Marriage:4 Oct 1749 Buckingham, Bucks, Pennsylvania Father: George HAWORTH Mother: Sarah SCARBOROUGH ---- Mary GARNER Birth: Abt 1722 of Buckingham, Bucks, Pennsylvania Death: 24 Jan 1805 Haverford, Chester, Pennsylvania Father: John GARNER Mother: Hannah ----,_Bucks_County,_Pennsylvania,_Pennsylvania --- I think these 6th great grandparents were the 3rd great grandparents of Herbert Clark Hoover the 31st president of the USA. ---- Information about one of their relatives ---- ---- DESCENDANTS OF GEORGE AND MARY (SCARBO) HAWORTH 2nd Generation 1. STEPHANUS HAWORTH, 1st child of George(1) and Mary (Scarbo) Haworth, left Virginia, probably about 1763, and went to North Carolina, where it is thought he settled on the Yadkin River in Rowan County. For complete record of his descendants see Vol I, pages 6 to 42. 2. ABSALOM HAWORTH, 2nd child of George(1) end Mary (Scarbo) Haworth, lived and died in Virginia, but his descendants went from there into North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana. For complete record of his descendants see Vol I, pages 43 to 70. 3. JOHN HAWORTH, 3rd child of George(1) and Mary (Scarbo) Haworth, died without issue. Where he died is not stated. See Vol I, page 71. (Note: John Haworth md 1749 Mary Garner from them descended President Herbert Hoover - Comp. of Amer. Gen., Archives SL, Hopewell Friends History. The fact that Hoover was a descendant of George Haworth and Mary Scarborough was confirmed by personal correspondence with the Hoover family genealogist in which she offered for sale a book on Mr. Hoover's ancestors including the couple, Mrs. Hatchett) 4. JAMES HAWORTH, 4th child of George(1) and Mary (Scarbo) Haworth, "lived In Fredrick County, Virginia. He married Sarah Wood and died leaving her with six children. Sarah then married Peter Ruble and had four children, one son and three daughters." At this date it is not exactly clear why many of the Haworth family traditions centered around James(2) the son of George, the Emigrant. Several of these Mr. Davis proved to be totally without foundation. One tradition said that James and his brother George joined Daniel Boone in North Carolina, and went with him to Kentucky in 1773. There is a story of James' having been a Revolutionary soldier in the Battle of Guilford Court House in 1781. Another report had it that he left North Carolina and went to Ohio in l800. A logical deduction is that James was born about 1710 or 1712. With his death occurring early enough for his wife to remarry and raise a second family of four children, he could not have been in North Carolina either in 1773 or 1781, nor could he have been in Ohio in 1800. The Revolutionary War record was likely the wishful thinking of some descendant with a longing for membership in the D.A.R. The son of James(2), James Haworth, Jr. (3) did go with his brother, George and Daniel Boone to Kentucky. He was also in North Carolina during the revolution, but his having any military record is unlikely. For generations that branch of the Haworth family adhered to the Quaker faith. The New Garden Friends Meeting of Guilford disowned its members, who participated in any military activity. The young Friends of military age did not lack courage, but so strong were their religious scruples against war that many of them sought sanctuary in the hostile Indian country of Tennessee rather than take up arms for a cause with which they were really in sympathy. Among those who fled to Tennessee in 1781 were Richard and George Haworth, brothers of James Jr., and there is every indication that James Jr. accompanied them. Consideration of the facts would lead one to believe that James Haworth(2) not only lived in Virginia, but that he died there too. His children left Virginia and went to North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and points west.


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