Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lott Huntington 3rd Great Uncle

I have read a lot of information lately on Lott Huntington who was the brother of my great-great-great grandfather Clark Allen Huntington. 

The stories portray him as an outlaw.  He was eventually killed by Porter Rockwell after he was found  in possession of a stolen horse.

I have read three different accounts of his death.  The first was the one detailed above.  That as he was trying to escape and was getting ready to open the gate his horse shied away leaving him vulnerable to Porter Rockwell's guns.  The other was that he tried to run away and climbed over the fence and was shot dead as he slumped over the fence. The story I have heard my grandmother tell is that the man had promised him the horse for some work Lott did for him. The man reportedly never paid him for the work, so Lott felt entitled to take the horse as payment.  When Porter showed up he reportedly shot Lott.  He promised Lott that he would get him medical attention if he gave up his weapon.  Lott surrendered and was subsequently finished off by Porter Rockwell.  I'll have to locate the story as my grandmother wrote it.