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Michael Reasor, Jr. & Anna Herbert (5G Grandparents) (second post on them)

Michael Birth 3 Feb 1760 Winchester, Frederick, Virginia, USA Death 11 Jul 1843 Little Mount, Spencer, Kentucky, USA ---- Anna Birth 1 Sep 1760 New Jersey, USA Death 5 Jul 1847 Little Mount, Spencer, Kentucky, USA --- Michael REASOR Jr. An incident in the life of Michael REASOR Jr. and his brother, Frederick, taken from the old family bible of Reuben Reasor... “Michael Reasor and his brother, Frederick had a ship fitted out and sailed to Germany where they obtained a cargo of one half million dollars worth of leather goods for the Revolutionary Army. Upon their return voyage a violent storm arose, the ship and cargo were lost at sea. The Reasor brothers and their sailors were rescued by a Scotch vessel and taken to Philadelphia, Penn. Where they landed without a dollar.” ---- He was a fifer in the Revolutionary War ----

Peter Polly & Rebecca Holmes (6G Grandparents)

Peter Birth 1745, Pittsylvania, Virginia Death last of October1817, Shelby, Kentucky --- Rebecca Birth 1755 Lincoln County, Kentucky Death 1815, Shelby, Kentucky, USA --- They reportedly married in Indiana ---- ---- 1770: Peter Polly is on tithable list with Edward Polly in 1770. (Pittsylvania Co. Tithes, List 19, p.39, List 23, P.50, List 146, P.266). ---- View Tree for Peter PollyPeter Polly (b. 1745, d. 1817) Peter Polly (son of Edward Polly and Mary) was born 1745 in Pittsylvania Co., VA, and died 1817 in Shelby Co., KY. Includes NotesNotes for Peter Polly: Revolutionary Soldier -Capt. Cloyds Contd. Sept. 12, 1777 from Montgomery Co. Rev. -Heritage, P.215&216. Virginia Military Records of Virginia magazine ofHistory. Payroll of Gabriel Madison's Co. of Militia and apt. ThomasMoore's Co. of Militia Rev. 1775-1783. Capt. Thomas Moore's Co. ofMiilitia 1782 under command of Gen. George Roger Clark. the ancestorwho assisted in establishing the Americn Independence while acting inthe capacity of serving in the Virginia Militia as a Private. Ill.Papers-69-574 Payroll for Cpt. Gabriel Madison's Co. of Militia andPayroll for Capt. Thomas Moore's Co. of Militia Virginia Mag. ofHistory and Biography Vol.64 July 1938-P.340-341. Bales, Hattie Muncy,"Early Records of Lee, Co., Va. and adjacent counties, media, inc.Greensboro, N.C. 1977 Vol. 1 p.373. Original papers of Stephen Triggone of the first landowners of Montgomery Co. Listing the 90revolutionary soldiers sworn to the service by him between Sept. 5,1777 and April 1778.-"Revolutionary War Records of Fincastle &Montgomery Counties 1777-1778. Peter, James and Drury were in theIllinois Milicia under George Rogers Clark. They may have beenbrothers since they were the only three Polley's who were in theIllinois Militia Bought land in Shelby co, Ky. 11-13-1819 from Adam Shephers 160 1/4acres. By K.P.220-221-222 Paid $100 Pd. $100. Land the said Polleynow lives on (the same land he was on in the first census or tax listof Shelby Co, Ky. Sold 1081 or 2, Jan, 15, 1815 to james VetchBk.P>115-116 for $100. Land the said Polley now lives on. 50 Acres toBenjamin Henry for 40 lbs. Bk.M p.109-110 Dec. Court 1818 appraisalBill in court. Sale 2/14/1818.dar #632123, 587535, sar #137058, dar729012. Revolutionary Soldier - Capt. Cloyds Contd. Sept. 12, 1777from Montgomery Co. Rev. - Heritage, P.215&216. Virginia MilitaryRecords of Virginia magazine of History. Payroll of Gabriel Madison'sCo. of Militia and apt. Thomas Moore's Co. of Militia Rev. 1775-1783.Capt. Thomas Moore's Co. of Miilitia 1782 under command of Gen. GeorgeRoger Clark. the ancestor who assisted in establishing the AmericnIndependence while acting in the capacity of serving in the VirginiaMilitia as a Private. Ill. Papers-69-574 Payroll for Cpt. GabrielMadison's Co. of Militia and Payroll for Capt. Thomas Moore's Co. ofMilitia Virginia Mag. of History and Biography Vol.64 July1938-P.340-341. Bales, Hattie Muncy, "Early Records of Lee, Co., Va.and adjacent counties, media, inc. Greensboro, N.C. 1977 Vol. 1 p.373.Original papers of Stephen Trigg one of the first landowners ofMontgomery Co. Listing the 90 revolutionary soldiers sworn to theservice by him between Sept. 5, 1777 and April 1778.-"RevolutionaryWar Records of Fincastle & Montgomery Counties 1777-1778. Peter, Jamesand Drury were in the Illinois Milicia under George Rogers Clark. Theymay have been brothers since they were the only three Polley's whowere in the Illinois Militia Bought land in Shelby co, Ky. 11-13-1819 from Adam Shephers 160 1/4acres. By K.P.220-221-222 Paid $100 Pd. $100. Land the said Polleynow lives on (the same land he was on in the first census or tax listof Shelby Co, Ky. Sold 1081 or 2, Jan, 15, 1815 to james VetchBk.P>115-116 for $100. Land the said Polley now lives on. 50 Acres toBenjamin Henry for 40 lbs. Bk.M p.109-110 Dec. Court 1818 appraisalBill in court. Sale 2/14/1818. Birth: 1745 in VIRGINIA, Pittsylvania County Death: 1817 in KENTUCKY, Shelby County Father: Edward POLLEY b: BET 1700 AND 1713 in VIRGINIA, Surry County (Pittsylvania) Mother: Mary UNKNOWN Marriage 1 Rebecca POLLEY b: 1755 in KENTUCKY, Lincoln County Married: 1781 in KENTUCKY, Montgomery County Note: Rebecca married Peter in 1781and three of the sons, John, Jesse andPeter, Nancy, Margaret and possibly Elizabeth, were born prior tothat marriage. It is supposed that these three sons were not Rebecca'schildren and that Peter Sr. may have been married prior to hismarriage to Rebecca. Found in Reel 50, marriages 1781-1830, we find Peter Polly and(illegible). Seen in Early Adventurers on The Western Waters Vol. IIby mary B. Kegley Film from Genealogical Dept. Church of Jesus Christof Latter Day Saints Fiche #8171. Children John POLLEY b: 28 SEP 1775 in VIRGINIA Jesse POLLEY b: ABT 1771 in VIRGINIA Peter POLLEY b: 3 MAR 1780 in KENTUCKY, Bowman Station Nancy POLLEY b: ABT 1782 in KENTUCKY, Mercer County Margaret POLLEY b: 30 JUN 1783 in VIRGINIA, Fayette or Lincoln County Elizabeth POLLEY b: ABT 1786 Lovenia POLLEY b: ABT 1788 in VIRGINIA, Fayette County Ann POLLEY b: ABT 1795 in KENTUCKY, Shelby County Selah POLLEY b: ABT 1788 in KENTUCKY, Shelby County Sanford POLLEY b: ABT 1792 in KENTUCKY, Shelby County ----

James Brown & Molly Thompson (6G Grandparents)

James Birth 1752 of, Rockingham, NC Death 19 AUG 1782,Shelby,KY or James Brown (1752 - 1782) Born in Orange, Virginia, USA on 1752 to John Brown and Elizabeth. James married Molly Thompson and had 2 children. James married Nancy Herrod. He passed away on 19 Aug 1782 in Shelby, Kentucky, USA. ----- Molly Birth Abt 1758 Orange, Orange, VA Death 1788,Shelby,Kentucky,USA or Molly Thompson (1758 - 1788) Born in Orange, Virginia, USA on 1758. Molly married James Brown and had 2 children. She passed away on 1788 in Orange, Virginia, USA. -----,_Kentucky,_North_Carolina,_Virginia ---- Their son: James Brown (1788 - Unknown) Born in Shelby, Kentucky, USA on 1788 to James Brown and Molly Thompson. James married Isabella McKinley and had a child. ---- I descended from Robert, the oldest ---- ----

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John Davis & Mary Warren (6G Grandparents)

John Davis Birth 1720 Spotsylvania, Virginia, United States Death 1760 Culpeper, Virginia, United States Mary Birth 7 May 1734 Orange, Orange, Virginia, United States Death 1792 Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States,_Virginia,_Virginia,_Virginia,_South_Carolina

Thomas Allred & Elizabeth (6G grandparents)

There is apparently some confusion on this line as I used to think my 6th great grandfather was John Aldridge/Allred and Anne has been updated in FamilySearch to this. Thomas Birth 1724 West Nottingham Township, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States Death Deceased Randolph, Charlotte, Virginia, United States Elizabeth Birth about 1727 Randolph, Carolina, British America Death Deceased Orange, North Carolina, United States ---- This might be the same Thomas Allred...not sure,_Virginia

Mads Christensen & Maren Jensen (Jensdr) (6G Grandparents)

Mads Birth abt 1742 of Elling, Hjorring, Denmark Death May 1797 Lendum, Horns, Hjorring, Denmark Maren Birth abt. 1733 of Uggerslav, Odense, Denmark Burial 28 FEB 1785 Hellum, Torup, Aalborg, Denmark,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.47883778,d.aWc&biw=1024&bih=642&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=wyC-UajxD4m9yAGJ_oHAAQ

Morten Nielsen & Karen Jensen (6G Grandparents)

Morten Birth Abt 1727 of Tars, Hjorring, Denmark Death 1796 Karen Birth 1735 Of Taars, Hjorring, Denmark Death APR 9 1804 Taars, Hjorring, Denmark (might be them)

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Thomas Drury or Dury & Dorothy Johnson (6G Grandparents)

Thomas DRURY Chr: 15 Jan 1738 St. Andrews, New Castle, Northumberland, England Burial: 22 Nov 1796 Washington, Durham, England Marriage: May 1766 Washington, Durham, England Father: John DURY Mother: Mary ALLISON Dorothy JOHNSON Chr: 13 Aug 1738 Golden Hole, Earsdon, Northumberland, England Death: 4 Aug 1780 Oxclose, Washington, Durham, England Burial: 4 Oct 1780 Washington, Durham, England Father: Robert JOHNSON Mother: Elinor STAYWARD Children Marriage 1 Thomas DURY Birth: 19 May 1767 Washington, Durham, England Death: 22 Nov 1795 Oxclose, Washington, Durham, England Elizabeth BELL Marr: 26 Jul 1792 Washington, Durham, England 2 Eleanor DURY Chr: 7 Jun 1767 Hartley, Earsdeon, Nrthmb, Englandl 3 Elinor (Ellen) DURY Chr: 9 Jul 1771 North Biddick, Washington, Durham, Englandl 4 Dorothy DURY Chr: 23 Dec 1773 North Biddick, Washington, Durham, England 5 Robert DURY Chr: 23 Dec 1773 North Biddick, Washington, Durham, Englandl 6 Dorothy DURY Chr: 28 Feb 1776 Red Rowe, Oxclose, Washington, Durham 7 John DURY Ch r:30 May 1778 Red Rowe, Oxclose, Washington, Durham 8 James DURY Chr: 25 Aug 1780 Red Rowe, Oxclose, Washington, Durham,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.47534661,d.aWc&biw=1024&bih=642&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=gei0Uc6tPMTWyQHnmoCABA,_Tyne_and_Wear Thomas Dury (1767 - 1795) One of their sons Born in Washington, Durham, England on 19 May 1767 to Thomas Drury and Dorothy Johnson. Thomas married Elizabeth Bell and had 2 children. He passed away on 22 Nov 1795 in Oxclose Washington, Durham, England. ----

William Whaley & Ann Atkinson (6G Grandparents) ---- ---- ---- William WHALEY Birth:Abt 1727 of Ridlemhnope, Hunstanworth, Durham, England Marriage: 16 May 1749 Hunstanworth, Durham, England Death 28 Nov 1774 Riddlehamhope, Hexhamshire, Northumberland, England Father: A. WHALEY Mother: Individual Information Ann ATKINSON Birth: Chr: 1 Feb 1727/28 Lingy Close, Hunstanworth, Durham, England or Birth Abt 1731 of Ridlamhope, Hexhamshire, Northumberland, England Death 1794 Riddlehamhope, Hexhamshire, Northumberland, England Father: Humphrey ATKINSON Mother: Mary DIXON 1 Alexander WHALEY Chr: 4 Jun 1750 Ridlemhnope, Hunstanworth, Durham, England 2 Mary WHALEY Chr:17 Feb 1752/53 Ridlemhnope, Hunstanworth, Durham, England Death:Thomas BOWMAN Marr:26 Aug 1775 Whitley Chapel, Hexham, Northu 3 Joseph WHALEY Chr: 25 Apr 1756 Ridlemhnope, Hunstanworth, Durham, England 4 Ann WHALEY Chr: 9 Dec 1759 Ridlemhnope, Hunstanworth, Durham, England 5 Elizabeth WHALEY Chr: 19 Jun 1763 Ridlemhnope, Hunstanworth, Durham, England 6 William WHALEY Chr: 12 Feb 1769 Ridlemhnope, Hunstanworth, Durham, England

Thomas Bowman & Mrs. Mary Bowman (6G Grandparents)

Thomas Bowman (1706 - 1770) Born in Hathery Burn Hexham, Northumberland, England on 1706 to Joseph Bowman. Thomas married Mary and had 4 children. He passed away on 25 Jan 1770 in Hathery Burn, Hexamshire, England. ---- Mary (1708 - 1770) Born on 1708. Mary married Thomas Bowman and had 4 children. She passed away on 28 Dec 1770. ----,+Northumberland&safe=active&client=firefox-a&hs=CzS&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=rcs&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=0-S0UdSvMITIywH3i4CACg&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1024&bih=642 ----

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James Dale & Priscilla Pearson (6G Grandparents)

James Married Mehitobel Hennell in 13 APR 1737 Heworth, Durham, England, United King She must have died or they were divorced and he married Priscilla Pearson on 2 Nov 1741 at Whickham, Durham, Eng. Mary Dale was born in 1746 or 1747, so she must be Priscilla's daughter. ---- James: Birth abt 1716 of Whickham, Durham, Eng. Death Deceased Priscilla: Birth abt 1716 of Whichkam, Durham, Eng. Death Deceased ---,_Durham

John McGregor & Margaret Glowd (6G Grandparents)

John: Birth Jun 1717 Newcastle, Northumberland, England Burial Deceased Margaret: Birth Abt 1720 of All Saints, Newcastle, Northumberland, England Death Deceased ----,_Newcastle_upon_Tyne,_Northumberland Images:,or.r_cp.r_qf.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=5K6rUdfLEKavygGpkoGgAw

Richard Sudweeks & Susanna Pymm (6G Grandparents)

Maybe her? Susan Pimm (1755 - Unknown) Born in Allhallows, Kent, England on 1755 to Simon Pym and Sarah Nickles. --- Name Meaning for "Pimm" English: of uncertain origin. Bardsley believes it to be from the medieval female personal name Pymme, Pimme, vernacular short forms of Euphemia, which was popular in England in the Middle Ages. Reaney and Wilson, however, suggest that it is from a male name, presumably the Old English Pymma. ---- Cannot find information on this family.

Robert Patterson & Mary Finkle (6G Grandparents)

Robert: Birth Abt 1739 of Newcastle-Tyne, Northumberland, England Death Deceased Mary: Christening 26 DEC 1725 Stannington,Northumberland,England Death Deceased ---- Cannot find any information online... ----,_Northumberland