Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tooth Fairy AWOL

So, the tooth fairy forgot to come to get my daughter's tooth the other night.  I asked both of the little girls why they thought she had forgotten to come.  Abby thought she might have been busy or on vacation.  Miranda thought that maybe she couldn't come because it was raining and snowing. She informed me that when it is raining butterflies can't fly because it ruins their wings.  She thought that it probably would have ruined the tooth fairies wings if she had tried to fly in the rain/snow. 

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Creative Spelling

So, Abby lost another front tooth, so both are now gone.  She was looking at herself in the mirror and then said to Melissa, "Hey look...I can spell MOM."  She smiled big, then pursed her lips into an O shape, then smiled big again.  :)

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mountain Bluebird Photo...


I can't get the photo to upload...check it out at this link

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Honest Abe-bby...

I was really proud of my 8-year old the other day.  We went to a movie and had purchased some candy to sneak into the theatre.  We told our daughters that we had to put it in my wife's purse because they didn't like people taking candy in.  Abby said, "Isn't that lying?"  And we had to agree that it was.  She refused to eat her candy until after we got out of the theatre.  She is such a good little girl...  :)

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Yo, Ho, Ho...

Miranda: "I don't have any earrings to wear!"
Me: "Yes you do, right there in your ears."
Miranda: "I don't have any PIRATE earrings!!!"

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring has sprung...then Spring shrank back...

I was so excited when we had 70 degree weather last week. My flowers are starting to come up in my yard...then 2 days ago, it started to snow and it has been cold, dark, and dismal ever since...

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Maltese/Shitzu Puppy for Mom and Dad...

Mom and Dad...Do you want this cute puppy?  It is a male.  It is part Maltese and part Shitzu...He is adorable and our friend has to get rid of him...

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama's Gaffe

I watched Obama on Leno last night and caught his gaffe as he said it. He said something about how his bowling wasn't very good and his scores were like something from the Special Olympics. I wondered if the press was going to catch that and if they would raise a stink. I saw it on the first page of MSN.com, so it must have been noticed. I thought only Joe Biden put his foot in his mouth that bad.

It reminds me of a friend who told a story of her friend who was interviewing for a job working with developmentally disabled children. The interview was going marvelously well. The guy was impressive in his resume and was making a great first impression. The interviewers basically told him he had the job and that they needed a copy of his social security card for their records or in order to higher him. He hit himself in the head and said, "I'm such a retard. I left it at home." Needless to say, he didn't end up getting the job. I think we need to be careful with what we say, and as a psychologist, I need to be more careful about saying things like, "I'm so retarded" when I make a mistake...

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lungs of Steel...

So, I have had a major cold/flu and almost skipped basketball last night because I figured I would just be hacking up a lung the entire time and that my muscles would be too weak to compete.  I went anyway and had a better showing than usual.  I scored some points, blocked a shot, stripped some balls, etc.  And the best thing is we played 3 hours and my lungs were okay during it...I am starting to feel like I am getting into much better shape and my body hurts much less the next day.  I have lost about 12 pounds since December and finally feel I am in good enough shape to start running a few times a week... :)

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I was getting ready for work and put on a brown shirt. My 4-year-old daughter exclaimed, "Dad! Remember I told you to wear a GREE-EEN shirt today." She saved me from a multitude of pinches. :)

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Monday, March 16, 2009

1and1.com's Customer Service Stinks

So, I received notification from my bank that my debit card account was overdrawn and I received a penalty overdraft fee of $10. I couldn't understand how it could be overdrawn as I only use that account for photos at Costco and for spending cash when I need it. I knew I had about $40 in there. Turns out 1and1.com had automatically withdrawn approximately $45 to automatically renew some domain names/website addresses that I owned and no longer wanted. They never sent me any notification that the web domains were going to be renewed, or I would have cancelled them at that time.

When I contact customer service, they repeatedly say "renewal fees are nonrefundable" and "We're sorry. There is nothing we can do."

Of course there is something they can do. They could do the right thing and refund the money. They could do the right thing and notify the owners of the web domain names that they are going to be automatically renewed. They could do the right thing and not have an automatic renewal clause placed in the fine print of their terms you have to agree to in order to use their service. They can refund the money, they just won't. It especially irks me because I cancelled the accounts 2 days after the money was withdrawn because I don't want to do business with such a lame company.

So, my recommendations? Use Eweb.com for your internet domain name needs. I have another account with them that is cheaper and they actually send out renewal notifications.

Some of the Emails I sent/received are as follows:

My complaint is that I was automatically charged just under $45 to renew some domain names that I no longer want. This automatic renewal resulted in an overdraft charge on my bank account. When I emailed customer service to cancel my account and receive a refund, I was told that the domain renewals are nonrefundable (see email below) even though it had only been 1 day since the domain renewal had occurred.

I called the customer service number today and the gentleman on thephone explained that the domain renewals are nonrefundable. When askedwhy a courtesy email reminding me that the domains would be renewed was not sent, he told me that only some customers receive those emails. If I had received an email, I would have cancelled my accounts before they automatically renewed. I have gone in as of yesterday and deleted/cancelled those 5 domain names. I am again requesting that the $45 that was billed to my paypal account be refunded as I do not want those domain names. I believe that a refund is warranted and would demonstrate the integrity of 1and1. It seems unfair to be charged for an unwanted product/service without an opportunity to turn it down.

Thank you,

Ryan H.

Dear Ryan H., (Customer ID: ******)

Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry for this inconvenience. However, we send out nofications 45 days prior to a domain's re-registration. We inform you that you need to cancel these domains well before their renewal dates to avoid invoicing. There is nothing we can do in this situation. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Joseph Quinn
Customer Service
1&1 Internet

(They did NOT send an email 45 days prior and I hate the statement "There is nothing we can do in this situation." What they mean is, "We don't want to do anything to make this right. We count on people to not read the fine print so we can screw them later on. We will not give up any immediate profits." However, I hope they lose big in the long run when people stop using their service. I for one will never use 1and1.com again.)

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Free Textures for Commercial and Noncommercial Use

If you open these in Photoshop and apply an Auto Levels Command, you get some really cool effects...Then you can increase contrast by adjusting Curves...

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Star Spangled Banner

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ogden Temple

I need to start scanning my frame before snapping the picture...
The light posts and clock ruin this shot... :(

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mt. Timpanogos Temple Framed Print

I have been playing around with textures and words...I like the end result...

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am super-relieved today because I found out that we will get enough money from this month's check to pay off what we owe to Uncle Sam. A few of the contracts haven't been keeping current with their payments, and they all paid at once, so I will have enough to pay my taxes. Thank heavens. Such a relief!!!


Friday, March 06, 2009

busy busy busy

I have been so busy with testing new clients at work that I am having a hard time finding time to write the reports...it is good to be busy during the economic downturn...maybe we can afford to pay the taxes we owe.

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Monday, March 02, 2009


I am much more productive at work now that the wireless internet connection is so weak that it makes my internet run slow. Of course it sucks when I have to print something on the wireless network or email a client...

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