Sunday, September 11, 2011

George Rees & Catherine Betsy Richards (4G Grandparents)

Catherine Betsy Richards Birthdate: 1795

Death: (Date and location unknown)
Does anyone have access to the 1841 Census? If you do, could you please look for a George and Catherine Reese (Catherine was Catherine Betsy Richards prior to marrying George). They had a child, Thomas, in 1811, or so. Any information about either of these two, or just as importantly, either of their parents or any of their children is greatly appreciated.
I know George was born in 1795 in Aberdare; Catherine Betsy Richards was born in 1795 in Neath, Elam; they were married in either 1809 or 1819, and probably lived in Aberdare in 1841.

I can't find any stories about this family...


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