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SPG Browning Lifestyle HD

I was lucky to have had the opportunity to do this shoot with Alvey Media Group.  It was so much fun.

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Does this mean my Great Great Great Grandfather Married His First Cousin

William Hogg and Sarah Hogg have the same mother and father according to FamilySearch.

Oliver Barnhurst Huntington and Velma May Evans (Great Grandparents)

There is actually a blog dedicated to them that is run by my Great Uncle Garn Huntington.

Oliver and his sister Julia Marie Huntington

Oliver and Velma

James Frank Houston & Roene Syrett (Great Grandparents)

I have only heard a few stories about these great-grandparents.  Wish people would post more stories online.

Family Search Allows People to Attach Photos of Ancestors

So excited that FamilySearch now allows you to attach pictures of your ancestors to your family tree. I have already found about 10 pictures of great-great grandparents that I have never seen before. If you have old pictures of your ancestors, and know who they are, take a picture of the picture and upload it (or scan it). 

I have already updated and added a bunch of pictures from Family Search to this Blog...Thanks to all my distant relatives who are uploading old pictures. 

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Samuel Cookson & Mary Church (a few years ago my family search said Jane Price) (6G Grandparents)

Mary Church (F) b. 18 June 1743 Mary Church was born on 18 June 1743 at Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Benjamin Church and Hannah Dyer. Mary Church married Samuel Waldo Cookson, son of Obadiah Cookson and Faith Waldo, on 25 December 1769 at Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts; married by Rev. Mather Byles, D.D. Children of Mary Church and Samuel Waldo Cookson Thomas Waldo Cookson b. 15 Jun 1771 Samuel Cookson b. 10 Jan 1773 John Waldo Cookson b. 17 Dec 1780 --- Samuel Birth Abt 1732 Of Warrington, York, PA Burial West Nottingham, Cecil, Maryland Mary Birth 18 Jun 1743 Boston, Suffolk, Mass. Death Bef 16 Mar 1794 Might have been married 12/25/1769. or Mary & Samuel Cookson, Dec. 22, 176[9] by Rev. Mather Byles ---- Samuel Cookson In 1806, the sixth and final tankard was bequeathed by Samuel Cookson, “as a token of my regard” for the church. The tankard is domestic silver, having been in private hands for more than 50 years. Four years earlier (1802), he had given the church a clock. We still use the clock; it’s on the rear wall of the sanctuary. Cookson became a member of the Second Church in Roxbury in 1795, when he was 51, moving here from Boston. He was a shop keeper of some means, with his store at the corner of Walter and South Streets, where the parsonage had once stood and where another market stands now. During its day, though, it was known as “Cookson’s Corner.” While an upstanding citizen and successful businessman, Samuel Cookson had a difficult childhood in Boston. His father, Obediah Cookson, was a wholesale and retail grocer at his shop, Cross Pistols (his father John was a gunsmith) on Fish Street in the North End. He was “a Person thought to be of unsound mind.” Obediah tried to sell a house on Long Wharf that he did not own. On another occasion, Boston fire wardens had to come to his shop to remove six barrels of gunpowder he had decided to store there. His wife, Faith Waldo, left him in 1748, taking her two small children (Samuel was 4) with her. Obadiah then wrote a scathing denunciation of her in a newspaper advertisement. The newspaper later retracted the advertisement when it found the allegations were false. Samuel was later raised by his mother and maternal uncle, Thomas Waldo. My sense is that Samuel had very warm feelings toward his two maternal uncles as he named his sons after them. Cookson did not fare particularly well with his first father-in-law either. In 1769, when Samuel was 25, he married Mary Church at the Hollis Street Church in Boston. She was the daughter of the talented physician and skillful surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Church. Dr. Church was also active in Boston’s Sons of Liberty movement. Unfortunately in July 1775 (during the Siege of Boston), Dr. Church sent secret information to the British commander, General Thomas Gage, and pledged his loyalty to the Crown. He was convicted of “communicating with the enemy” and imprisoned as a spy. He was released in 1778, and left Boston on a schooner to the Caribbean that never arrived. Cookson stayed in Boston. He and Mary had three sons. In 1793, sometime after his first wife died, he married the widow Susannah Osborne of Roxbury, and moved here two years later (1795). His ten years as a shopkeeper in Roxbury, until his death in 1806, must have seemed calm by comparison to his earlier life. Tankard Samuel Cookson Samuel Burt (1724-1754) c1750/1806 Samuel Cookson Information on Samuel Cookson’s life is found in Genealogy of the Waldo Family: Descendants of Cornelius Waldo of Ipswich, Massachusetts, as cited on Multiple sources provide information on Obadiah Cookson, Samuel Cookson’s father. An advertisement in the Boston Gazette (June 2, 1737) accused Obadiah of offering to sell a property he did not own. Boston City Document No. 87, March 1740, page 230, describes the removal of the gun powder. In his own advertisement in the Boston Gazette (June 28, 1748) Obadiah accuses his wife who had left him with theft and damages. The Boston Gazette later retracted the advertisement . Citations are found on Lastly, in Genealogy of the Waldo Family on, a mortgage dated September 1, 1756, cited Obadiah “as thought to be of unsound mind.” The marriage of Samuel Cookson and Mary Church is recorded in Boston, Massachusetts, Marriages 1700-1809. Cookson’s admission to the Roxbury church is noted in Charles M. Seaver. A Short History of Our Church, First Parish, West Roxbury, Formerly Second Church of Christ Roxbury. Text from files at West Roxbury Historical Society, “Church: First Parish 1632-1966, File 1 of 2. Page 3 of typed version. No date. ---- ---

Colonel William Watts & K. Mary Houck or Ann Elizabeth Terrell (6G Grandparents)

This name has changed since I started doing this blog a few years ago...Used to say Ann was my grandmother, now it says K. Mary is. Not sure about the accuracy of it. William Birth about 1730 Coventry Twp, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States Death before 4 April 1795 Coventry Twp, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States K. Mary Birth ABT 1740 Coventry, Chester, Pennsylvania Death Coventry, Chester, Pennsylvania ---- 3. K. MARY3 HOUCK (FREDERICK (HAUG)2, JOHANN GEORG1 HAUGEN) was born January 8, 1739/40 in Coventry, Chester, PA, and died Aft. April 4, 1795 in Coventry, Chester, PA. She married WILLIAM WATTS in Coventry, Chester Co., PA. He was born Abt. 1730 in Coventry, Chester, PA, and died Bef. April 4, 1795 in Coventry, Chester, PA. Notes for K. MARY HOUCK: Baptized at Aug. Lutheran Church, Trappe, PA. More About WILLIAM WATTS and K. HOUCK: Marriage: Coventry, Chester Co., PA Child of K. HOUCK and WILLIAM WATTS is: 5. i. THOMAS4 WATTS, b. 1764, Coventry, Chester, PA; d. May 13, 1817, Arrington, York, PA. ---- I do order that my son Frederick Houck and my daughter Mary, who was married to William Watts, each and every one shall receive of my Executors the sum of Seventy Shillings which shall be deemed their full share of my Estate. Her father's will is found at this site: ---- ---- William Watts was born about 1730 in Of Coventry, Chester, Pennsylvania. He died before 1797 in Coventry, Chester, Pennsylvania. He was baptized on 14 May 1969. He was endowed on 13 Sep 1969 in the St. George Utah temple. He married Mary Houck in 1750 in Coventry, Chester, Pennsylvania. Mary Houck [Parents] was born about 1740 in Of Coventry, Chester, Pennsylvania. She died in Coventry, Chester, Pennsylvania. She married William Watts in 1750 in Coventry, Chester, Pennsylvania. They had the following children: M i Thomas Watts was born in 1764. He died on 13 May 1817. ----

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John Haworth & Mary Garner (6G Grandparents)

John Birth 1724 Pennsylvania, United States Death Solebury,Bucks,Pennsylvania ---- Mary Birth 1722 Germany Death 24 Jan 1805 Haverford, Chester, Pennsylvania ---- ---- John HAWORTH Birth:1730 Buckingham, Bucks, Pennsylvania Death:6 Jan 1789 Haverford, Chester, Pennsylvania Marriage:4 Oct 1749 Buckingham, Bucks, Pennsylvania Father: George HAWORTH Mother: Sarah SCARBOROUGH ---- Mary GARNER Birth: Abt 1722 of Buckingham, Bucks, Pennsylvania Death: 24 Jan 1805 Haverford, Chester, Pennsylvania Father: John GARNER Mother: Hannah ----,_Bucks_County,_Pennsylvania,_Pennsylvania --- I think these 6th great grandparents were the 3rd great grandparents of Herbert Clark Hoover the 31st president of the USA. ---- Information about one of their relatives ---- ---- DESCENDANTS OF GEORGE AND MARY (SCARBO) HAWORTH 2nd Generation 1. STEPHANUS HAWORTH, 1st child of George(1) and Mary (Scarbo) Haworth, left Virginia, probably about 1763, and went to North Carolina, where it is thought he settled on the Yadkin River in Rowan County. For complete record of his descendants see Vol I, pages 6 to 42. 2. ABSALOM HAWORTH, 2nd child of George(1) end Mary (Scarbo) Haworth, lived and died in Virginia, but his descendants went from there into North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana. For complete record of his descendants see Vol I, pages 43 to 70. 3. JOHN HAWORTH, 3rd child of George(1) and Mary (Scarbo) Haworth, died without issue. Where he died is not stated. See Vol I, page 71. (Note: John Haworth md 1749 Mary Garner from them descended President Herbert Hoover - Comp. of Amer. Gen., Archives SL, Hopewell Friends History. The fact that Hoover was a descendant of George Haworth and Mary Scarborough was confirmed by personal correspondence with the Hoover family genealogist in which she offered for sale a book on Mr. Hoover's ancestors including the couple, Mrs. Hatchett) 4. JAMES HAWORTH, 4th child of George(1) and Mary (Scarbo) Haworth, "lived In Fredrick County, Virginia. He married Sarah Wood and died leaving her with six children. Sarah then married Peter Ruble and had four children, one son and three daughters." At this date it is not exactly clear why many of the Haworth family traditions centered around James(2) the son of George, the Emigrant. Several of these Mr. Davis proved to be totally without foundation. One tradition said that James and his brother George joined Daniel Boone in North Carolina, and went with him to Kentucky in 1773. There is a story of James' having been a Revolutionary soldier in the Battle of Guilford Court House in 1781. Another report had it that he left North Carolina and went to Ohio in l800. A logical deduction is that James was born about 1710 or 1712. With his death occurring early enough for his wife to remarry and raise a second family of four children, he could not have been in North Carolina either in 1773 or 1781, nor could he have been in Ohio in 1800. The Revolutionary War record was likely the wishful thinking of some descendant with a longing for membership in the D.A.R. The son of James(2), James Haworth, Jr. (3) did go with his brother, George and Daniel Boone to Kentucky. He was also in North Carolina during the revolution, but his having any military record is unlikely. For generations that branch of the Haworth family adhered to the Quaker faith. The New Garden Friends Meeting of Guilford disowned its members, who participated in any military activity. The young Friends of military age did not lack courage, but so strong were their religious scruples against war that many of them sought sanctuary in the hostile Indian country of Tennessee rather than take up arms for a cause with which they were really in sympathy. Among those who fled to Tennessee in 1781 were Richard and George Haworth, brothers of James Jr., and there is every indication that James Jr. accompanied them. Consideration of the facts would lead one to believe that James Haworth(2) not only lived in Virginia, but that he died there too. His children left Virginia and went to North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and points west.

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Thomas Herbert & Hannah Winter (6G Grandparents)

Thomas Herbert Birth 1730 Germany (not sure if this is accurate) Burial Abt 1800 ---- Hannah Winters Birth Abt 1734 of Middletown, Monmouth, New Jersey, USA Death Deceased ---- This might be them... "Thomas Herbert III married Hannah Winter October 21, 1751, in Monmouth Co, NJ. (6; Appendix) Hannah Winter was the daughter of Andrew Winter, the son of William Winter and Hannah Grover. The Winter and Grover families were pioneers of Monmouth Co, New Jersey. Andrew Winter was born about 1790, and died before April 30, 1760. Andrew Winter's daughter, Catherine Winter, married James Bray.(7) Thomas and Hannah Herbert in 1766 in Kingwood Township, Hunterdon Co, NJ, had neighbors Joseph Everits of Kingwood Township, who in a deed dated October 6th, 1766, sold his property (277 acres) to Smith Cornwell of Bucks Co, Pa. The deed described the tract lying along "Abraham Gray's line" near "Thomas Herbert's plantation" and "Hezekiah Bonham's & Daniel Everit's line." (8) Abraham Gray Sr. died 1782 in Kingwood Twp., Hunterdon Co, NJ. His wife was Ariaantje Aertsen, and his children included Anne Gray, Daniel Gray & Isaac Gray Sr. (8a) Baptist interest at Kingwood Township began in 1722. By 1734, Kingwood Township has eight Baptist families. Mr. Thomas Curtis, a minister and a member of Hopewell Church, supervised construction of a small meeting house. James Bray and his wife, former members of Middletown (Holmdel), a son of John Bray (who built the 3rd house of worship and parsonage at Holmdel in 1705) arrived in Kingwood Township.(9) John Bray of Middletown had acquired 500 acres in the Baptistown area; and in 1737, he bought another 1,000 acres. In 1748, a year after the Kingwood Baptist Church was founded, John and James Bray moved from Middletown to Kingwood. At the formation of the Kingwood Baptist Church in 1742, all member signed a covenant formally and solemnly obligating themselves to live up to its rules and to accept penalties for transgression of those rules. Thomas and his wife Hannah Herbert were members of the Kingwood Baptist Church at Baptistown. (10) Thomas Herbert became Deacon of Kingwood Church on 21st of October 1765. Hannah (Winter) Herbert was baptized (adult baptism) on 21st of June 1766. (11) The Winter, Bray and Herbert family lived in Kingwood Township, Hunterdon Co, in the years before the Revolutionary War. Thomas Herbert was "excluded" from Kingwood Church 12th of October 1770; Hannah Herbert was "dismissed" toward the end of October 1776. Dismissal was for the purpose of membership to another church; exclusion was for chastisement. Thomas Herbert sold his "plantation" Sept. 5, 1770, to Isaac Gray and Hendrick Gulick (12) Thomas Herbert IV and Josiah Herbert, sons of Thomas III, removed to Loudoun Co Va. in 1772. Thomas Herbert remained in Hunterdon Co as shown by final settlement of "mortgage debt" to James Gray and John Jones in August, 1774. Andrew Bray Esq. settled his debt to Thomas Herbert at the same time. (see #12 under Hunterdon Co NJ Common Pleas Court Entries next)" ---- This might be them too: Re: Stewart Herbert, Indian War veteran maureen harbourt (View posts) Posted: 14 Feb 2005 10:51AM GMT Classification: Query I also noticed that when Stewart Herbert Jr. died in 1795 in Hagerstown MD, the executor of his will was John Winter. There are several Herbert-Winter connections in the NJ line. Thomas Herbert married Hannah Winter, d/o Andrew Winter in abt 1750 in NJ. Their sons, Josiah and Thomas moved to first Loudoun, then Berkeley Co Va [less than 50 miles from Hagerstown]. Josiah served in Rev. War also - with Virginia troops [was at Ft. ? at Steubenville OH] their cousin of some sort - Peter Herbert moved to Loudon, then Berkeley [now Morgan Co VA - the line I am researching. Lived very near Sleepy Creek and Berkeley Springs] There was another group of related Herberts who came from NJ to Loudoun [George, John -William] just before Rev. War[. There are Winter or Winters families that came about same time or earlier. More puzzle pieces. ---- Thomas Herbert died. Thomas married Hannah Winter on 21 Oct 1751 in , Monmouth, New Jersey. Hannah Winter [Parents] was born about 1729 in of, , Monmouth, New Jersey. She died. Hannah married Thomas Herbert on 21 Oct 1751 in , Monmouth, New Jersey. ---- Peter Harbourt/Herbert Sr. came from NJ to Loudoun Co VA in abt 1772 and is on the tax records there through the 1780's. Also on the tax records were his relatives, Thomas Herbert and his wife Hannah Winters, along with their son Josiah Herbert b. 1755. There were also a John and a William Herbert that appeared at the same time. The relationship of Peter Sr. to these others is not yet definitevely known. However, records of the North Fork Batptist Church in Loudoun show that Peter Sr. and Josiah belonged to the same church. Further, Peter's daughter Mary Joanna, married John Helm Jr. and Josiah married John's sister or 1st cousin Margaret Helm. Josiah later became a Baptist preacher and moved to KY. ----

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Nathan Hoopes & Ann Speakman (6G Grandparents)

Nathan Birth Abt 1711, Chester, Pennsylvania Death 19 FEB 1803 East Bradford,Chester,PA ---- Ann Birth 13 Dec 1719 London Grove, Chester, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Death Deceased ---- ---- Ann Speakman Hoopes 1746 - 1819 was a member of the Speakman family and married into the Hoopes family. Ann was born on 1746 in Goshen, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA. Ann died on August 23, 1819 in Mill Creek, Hundred, Delaware, USA at 73 years old. ---- Nathan HOOPES was born 9 Dec 1741 in Goshen, Chester Co., PA. He died Nov 1802 in Goshen, Chester Co., PA. Nathan married Ann SPEAKMAN on 6 Dec 1764 in Goshen, Chester Co., PA. Ann SPEAKMAN married Nathan HOOPES on 6 Dec 1764 in Goshen, Chester Co., PA. They had the following children: M i Elisha HOOPES M ii Elijah HOOPES F iii Susanna HOOPES M iv Amor HOOPES M v Enos HOOPES M vi Lewis HOOPES F vii Elizabeth HOOPES M viii Sidney HOOPES F ix Ann HOOPES F x Margaret HOOPES F xi Lydia HOOPES M xii Stephen HOOPES ----,_Chester_County,_Pennsylvania,_Chester_County,_Pennsylvania

Johann Georg Leidich & Anna Marie Beck (6G Grandparents)

Another child was Anna Marie Beck b ABT 1759, Shenandoah, VA m ABT 1778 in Shenandoah, Johann Georg Leidich b ABT 1750 Augusta, VA. Issue: Johann Georg Lidick b 30 Sept 1783 Agusta VA d 11 Apr 1835 in Indiana, m 1807 Sullivan TN Sarah Yenowine b ABT 1776 ---- Johann Birth about 1755 of Shenandoah, Virginia, United States Death Deceased ---- Anna Birth ABT 1756 Death Deceased ----,_Virginia ----

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Michael Reasor, Jr. & Anna Herbert (5G Grandparents) (second post on them)

Michael Birth 3 Feb 1760 Winchester, Frederick, Virginia, USA Death 11 Jul 1843 Little Mount, Spencer, Kentucky, USA ---- Anna Birth 1 Sep 1760 New Jersey, USA Death 5 Jul 1847 Little Mount, Spencer, Kentucky, USA --- Michael REASOR Jr. An incident in the life of Michael REASOR Jr. and his brother, Frederick, taken from the old family bible of Reuben Reasor... “Michael Reasor and his brother, Frederick had a ship fitted out and sailed to Germany where they obtained a cargo of one half million dollars worth of leather goods for the Revolutionary Army. Upon their return voyage a violent storm arose, the ship and cargo were lost at sea. The Reasor brothers and their sailors were rescued by a Scotch vessel and taken to Philadelphia, Penn. Where they landed without a dollar.” ---- He was a fifer in the Revolutionary War ----

Peter Polly & Rebecca Holmes (6G Grandparents)

Peter Birth 1745, Pittsylvania, Virginia Death last of October1817, Shelby, Kentucky --- Rebecca Birth 1755 Lincoln County, Kentucky Death 1815, Shelby, Kentucky, USA --- They reportedly married in Indiana ---- ---- 1770: Peter Polly is on tithable list with Edward Polly in 1770. (Pittsylvania Co. Tithes, List 19, p.39, List 23, P.50, List 146, P.266). ---- View Tree for Peter PollyPeter Polly (b. 1745, d. 1817) Peter Polly (son of Edward Polly and Mary) was born 1745 in Pittsylvania Co., VA, and died 1817 in Shelby Co., KY. Includes NotesNotes for Peter Polly: Revolutionary Soldier -Capt. Cloyds Contd. Sept. 12, 1777 from Montgomery Co. Rev. -Heritage, P.215&216. Virginia Military Records of Virginia magazine ofHistory. Payroll of Gabriel Madison's Co. of Militia and apt. ThomasMoore's Co. of Militia Rev. 1775-1783. Capt. Thomas Moore's Co. ofMiilitia 1782 under command of Gen. George Roger Clark. the ancestorwho assisted in establishing the Americn Independence while acting inthe capacity of serving in the Virginia Militia as a Private. Ill.Papers-69-574 Payroll for Cpt. Gabriel Madison's Co. of Militia andPayroll for Capt. Thomas Moore's Co. of Militia Virginia Mag. ofHistory and Biography Vol.64 July 1938-P.340-341. Bales, Hattie Muncy,"Early Records of Lee, Co., Va. and adjacent counties, media, inc.Greensboro, N.C. 1977 Vol. 1 p.373. Original papers of Stephen Triggone of the first landowners of Montgomery Co. Listing the 90revolutionary soldiers sworn to the service by him between Sept. 5,1777 and April 1778.-"Revolutionary War Records of Fincastle &Montgomery Counties 1777-1778. Peter, James and Drury were in theIllinois Milicia under George Rogers Clark. They may have beenbrothers since they were the only three Polley's who were in theIllinois Militia Bought land in Shelby co, Ky. 11-13-1819 from Adam Shephers 160 1/4acres. By K.P.220-221-222 Paid $100 Pd. $100. Land the said Polleynow lives on (the same land he was on in the first census or tax listof Shelby Co, Ky. Sold 1081 or 2, Jan, 15, 1815 to james VetchBk.P>115-116 for $100. Land the said Polley now lives on. 50 Acres toBenjamin Henry for 40 lbs. Bk.M p.109-110 Dec. Court 1818 appraisalBill in court. Sale 2/14/1818.dar #632123, 587535, sar #137058, dar729012. Revolutionary Soldier - Capt. Cloyds Contd. Sept. 12, 1777from Montgomery Co. Rev. - Heritage, P.215&216. Virginia MilitaryRecords of Virginia magazine of History. Payroll of Gabriel Madison'sCo. of Militia and apt. Thomas Moore's Co. of Militia Rev. 1775-1783.Capt. Thomas Moore's Co. of Miilitia 1782 under command of Gen. GeorgeRoger Clark. the ancestor who assisted in establishing the AmericnIndependence while acting in the capacity of serving in the VirginiaMilitia as a Private. Ill. Papers-69-574 Payroll for Cpt. GabrielMadison's Co. of Militia and Payroll for Capt. Thomas Moore's Co. ofMilitia Virginia Mag. of History and Biography Vol.64 July1938-P.340-341. Bales, Hattie Muncy, "Early Records of Lee, Co., Va.and adjacent counties, media, inc. Greensboro, N.C. 1977 Vol. 1 p.373.Original papers of Stephen Trigg one of the first landowners ofMontgomery Co. Listing the 90 revolutionary soldiers sworn to theservice by him between Sept. 5, 1777 and April 1778.-"RevolutionaryWar Records of Fincastle & Montgomery Counties 1777-1778. Peter, Jamesand Drury were in the Illinois Milicia under George Rogers Clark. Theymay have been brothers since they were the only three Polley's whowere in the Illinois Militia Bought land in Shelby co, Ky. 11-13-1819 from Adam Shephers 160 1/4acres. By K.P.220-221-222 Paid $100 Pd. $100. Land the said Polleynow lives on (the same land he was on in the first census or tax listof Shelby Co, Ky. Sold 1081 or 2, Jan, 15, 1815 to james VetchBk.P>115-116 for $100. Land the said Polley now lives on. 50 Acres toBenjamin Henry for 40 lbs. Bk.M p.109-110 Dec. Court 1818 appraisalBill in court. Sale 2/14/1818. Birth: 1745 in VIRGINIA, Pittsylvania County Death: 1817 in KENTUCKY, Shelby County Father: Edward POLLEY b: BET 1700 AND 1713 in VIRGINIA, Surry County (Pittsylvania) Mother: Mary UNKNOWN Marriage 1 Rebecca POLLEY b: 1755 in KENTUCKY, Lincoln County Married: 1781 in KENTUCKY, Montgomery County Note: Rebecca married Peter in 1781and three of the sons, John, Jesse andPeter, Nancy, Margaret and possibly Elizabeth, were born prior tothat marriage. It is supposed that these three sons were not Rebecca'schildren and that Peter Sr. may have been married prior to hismarriage to Rebecca. Found in Reel 50, marriages 1781-1830, we find Peter Polly and(illegible). Seen in Early Adventurers on The Western Waters Vol. IIby mary B. Kegley Film from Genealogical Dept. Church of Jesus Christof Latter Day Saints Fiche #8171. Children John POLLEY b: 28 SEP 1775 in VIRGINIA Jesse POLLEY b: ABT 1771 in VIRGINIA Peter POLLEY b: 3 MAR 1780 in KENTUCKY, Bowman Station Nancy POLLEY b: ABT 1782 in KENTUCKY, Mercer County Margaret POLLEY b: 30 JUN 1783 in VIRGINIA, Fayette or Lincoln County Elizabeth POLLEY b: ABT 1786 Lovenia POLLEY b: ABT 1788 in VIRGINIA, Fayette County Ann POLLEY b: ABT 1795 in KENTUCKY, Shelby County Selah POLLEY b: ABT 1788 in KENTUCKY, Shelby County Sanford POLLEY b: ABT 1792 in KENTUCKY, Shelby County ----

James Brown & Molly Thompson (6G Grandparents)

James Birth 1752 of, Rockingham, NC Death 19 AUG 1782,Shelby,KY or James Brown (1752 - 1782) Born in Orange, Virginia, USA on 1752 to John Brown and Elizabeth. James married Molly Thompson and had 2 children. James married Nancy Herrod. He passed away on 19 Aug 1782 in Shelby, Kentucky, USA. ----- Molly Birth Abt 1758 Orange, Orange, VA Death 1788,Shelby,Kentucky,USA or Molly Thompson (1758 - 1788) Born in Orange, Virginia, USA on 1758. Molly married James Brown and had 2 children. She passed away on 1788 in Orange, Virginia, USA. -----,_Kentucky,_North_Carolina,_Virginia ---- Their son: James Brown (1788 - Unknown) Born in Shelby, Kentucky, USA on 1788 to James Brown and Molly Thompson. James married Isabella McKinley and had a child. ---- I descended from Robert, the oldest ---- ----