Sunday, March 06, 2011

John Mahonri Ward and Ida May Patterson Great-Grandparents

John Mahonri Ward

June 5, 1878
Birthplace:Bloomington, B-lk, Idaho
Death:Died February 24, 1936 in Bloomington, B-lk, Idaho

Ida May Patterson (1888 - 1972)

Born in Bloomington, B-Lk, Idaho, USA on 1888 to Edward McGregor Patterson and Sarah Thompson. Ida May married John Mahonri Ward and had 5 children. She passed away on 8 Jul 1972 in Bountiful, Davis, Utah, USA.


Blogger Dee Ice Hole said...

UUUMMMM---Sarah Thompson---Roene Strett was my Grandma Houston.

3/06/2011 8:43 PM  
Blogger PsychDoctor said...

Fixed it...thanks...

3/08/2011 12:49 PM  

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