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Edward McGregor and Mary Dale 5G Grandparents

Edwa rd McGregor and Mary Dale The other grandparents were Edwa rd McGregor and Ma ry Dale. It is believed that Edward McGregor was bora in Scotland. In the temple record kept by Edward Patterson of work done in Logan, he stated that his father came from Scotland. We have located in the old Scottish records an Edward McGregor born to Alexander McGregor and Jean (Jane) Finlayson in Edinburg during the right period of time, but more research needs to be done. We do have the names ofthe children of Edward and Mary, who lived in the Newcastle area, generally the Tynemouth area, but the children were christened in the All Saints church, as were the Pattersons.

1. Anne was christened 4 Sep 1768 and manied John Foster 4 Jan 1794 in the All Saints Church.
2. Edward McGregor, Jr., was born 9 Aug 1772 and manied Mary Slynn or Flynn in the All Saints Church.
3. The third child, Margaret, was born 4 Jun 1775. We have no record of her marriage or her death.
4. John and Margaret could possibly have died young, because we have only their christening dates. John was christened at All Saints 9 Nov 1777.
5. The family temple records in the Logan Temple done by the family listed our J a ne McGregor, as having been born in 1780 and listed of Newcastle. Jane manied William Patterson on 24 Nov 1799 at All Saints and died at Heaton, Northumberland, England. Possibly Jane could have been bom on a visit back to Scotland, or during the period of time she was born, parents had to pay a fee to have their children christened and maybe they did not have the money.
6. James was born 4 Sep 1785.
7. Mary was bom at Newcastle 25 May 1788; manied Edward White 22 Nov 1807 at All Saints.
8. The last child, another John, was christened 31 Oct 1790 at All Saints.


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