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Robert Patterson & Alice Brown (or Mary Maughn) wife name unclear 5G Grandparents

Robert Pa t t e r son, father of William and his wife Mary. We are not sure of Robert Patterson's birth. There were several born in the neighborhood of Felton and/or just south along the vein of coal. There was a Robert Patterson who was christened at Ulgham, Northumberland County on 19 Mai- 1749 and also one bom at Wallsend in 1751, and another in Long Horsley about that same time. There is a possibility that any of these might be correct. We tend to think that it is probably the one christened at Ulgham because it is near Felton parish as refened to in the research done by Mr. Humpherey-Smith, but this is still unproven. The fact that several of his children were bom in Wallsend also gives credibility to that Robert. Because of the English naming patterns it is felt that the Robert that married Mary Maughan is likely to be the correct maniage, rather than Alice Brown. There are many Mary's in the family and no Alice's. We do know, according to the recording of Joseph Bowman Patterson while on his mission in England, that Edward had three uncles. He listed them as John, who died at Benton Pit at age 71 years and George, who died at Seghill and Robert who died at West Moore. He then listed three aunts, Elizabeth, who married John Cockburn, Maiy and Anne Patterson.

A possible listing of the children of Robert Patterson and Ma ry a r e:

1. John, b. 16 Sep 1775, Long Horsley, Northumberland, Eng.; d Benton Pit, possibly md. Mary Caulson at All Saints.
2. Anne; c 14 Jun 1777, Wallsend.
3. William, c 30 Apr 1778, Eshott, Felton, Northumberland; m. J a ne McGregor
24 Jun 1799, All Saints, d. Jesmond, St. Andrews, Northumberland.
4. Elizabeth, c 30 Jul 1780, Earsden by North Shields, Northumberland, md. John
5. George, b 11 Sep 1785, Wallsend, Northumberland, d. West Moore.
6. Maiy, b 17 Sep 1788, Wallsend, Northumberland.
7. Ann, b 2 Jun 1793, Wallsend, Northumberland.

The Patterson Coat of Arms has the motto, "I die for those I love." It has been myobservation that the Pattersons do love deeply and especially their wives and children.

The McGregor Coat of Arms has the motto, "Royal is my Ra c e ". What a proud butgood people these are!


Blogger LaVelta said...

I believe that William is the son of Robert Patterson c at Felton as mentioned, but I believe he md Mary Potter of Causey-Park and chr at Hebron that is also in the vicinity. This Wlliam, pitman and his wife Mary had a child John born at Causey Park and chr at Long Horsley chr 16 Sep 1775 before they moved to Eshott. Our list of children is slightly different. My husband Earl McGregror Patterson hired the researcher mentioned to find the correct William.

3/17/2011 6:34 PM  
Blogger PsychDoctor said...

Thanks for the information...

3/27/2011 9:46 AM  
Anonymous LaVelta said...

There is a Robert Patterson of Ulgham md to Mary Finkle in Stannington resided in Ulgham. Children are:
Robert 1749 (m MaryPotter)
Thomas 1652
Joseph 1756
Eliz. 1761
John 1764
The m rac in Stannington identifies the father Robert as of Ulgham. The miners moved quite a bit. I believe Robert 1749 md Mary Potter of Causey Park are parents of our William.

2/21/2012 10:10 AM  

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