Sunday, March 06, 2011

Thomas Bowman & Mary Whaley 5G Grandparents

Thomas Bowman and Ma ry Whaley

Joseph's great-grandparents on his mother's side were Thomas Bowman and Ma ry Whaley who came from Whitley by Hexham, Northumberland, England. They were manied at Whitley Chapel, Hexhamshire, Northumberland. It is believed that Thomas is the son of Thomas Bowman Sr. and Mary and was christened 8 Jun 1743 at Whitley Chapel by Hexhamshire. Recent research indicates that Mary Whaley was bom to James Whaley of Stewarton, Ayr, Scotland who married Maiy Curry, of Whickham, Durham, England.
Their children were:
1. Anne, c 27 Jul 1776, Hathory Bum, Whitley, Northumberland, Eng.
2. Mary, c 22 Aug 1780, Hathory Burn, Whitley, Northumberland, Eng.
3. Thomas, c 22 Sep 1781, Hathory Burn, Whitley, Northumberland, Eng., md (1)
Catherine Tumball 1 Oct 1804 of Hathoiy Bum, (2) Frances Wears 22 Jun 1811 of Northumberland County.
4. William Bowman, 30 Aug 1784, Harwood Shield, Hexhamshire, chr. Whitley Chapel Hexhamshire; md. Dorothy Dury 16 May 1816, Jarrow, Durham, England.
5. Elizabeth, c 8 Jun 1788, Whitley by Hexham; md Edward Hudspeth 24 May 1806.
6. Joseph, c 1 Aug 1790, Whitley by Hexham; md Isabel Longstaff of Hathory Bum, 7 Apr. 1819.
7. Anne, abt 1792 of Whitley by Hexham, Northumberland. England


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