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William Patterson & Jane McGregor 4G Grandparents

These are excerpts from a book at the BYU HBLL Collection. Written by Earl McGregor Patterson (Married to Lavelta)

Patterson Family
The Patterson family lived in Northumberland County in northern England and borders on Scotland. Several members of the family have tried to trace the ancestry of this noble family, but it has been quite difficult. Family tradition has it that Joseph Bowman's father was Edward and his father was William, being the son of a Robert. It has been difficult to find the conect William and Robert because they lived in Northumberland County where there were many Pattersons. Someone years ago selected a Robert, but we felt quite unsure whether it was right.

So about twelve years ago we hired a researcher, a Mr. Humphery-Smith, who found the particular records we were looking for. (See letter.) We know this is the correct William because of the description. It spells out that William was wed to Jane McGregor, daughter of Edward McGregor of North Shields or Tynemouth, that he was a "pitman" from the parish of Felton, and Jane's father was a "waterman" from Tynemouth. They were manied in the All Saints church in Newcastle and most of their children were christened there.

The Patterson men were pitmen by trade, coming from a long line of coal miners in Northumberland County. At the time of Joseph Bowman Patterson's birth, the family lived at Wallsend. This place was given that particular name because of its location. It was located at the end of an ancient wall built by the Romans called Hadrian's Wall. According to family records, the Pattersons had lived in many small places along the vein of coal that began at Eshott in the Parish of Felton in the northern part of the county and extends down to Newcastle upon the Tyne and on into Durham County across the Tyne river. Their children were bom at some of the following places: Fawdon. Heaton, Wallsend, Little Benton, and Seaton Burn. These are all collieries in the area around Newcastle.

Paternal Gr a n d p a r e n ts

William Patterson a nd J a ne McGregor

Joseph's paternal grandfather was William Patterson, probably the son of Robert Patterson and we believe Mary Maughan of Bellingham was his grandmother. Although there are several possibilities, it is our belief that our William was born in Eshott and christened in the parish of Felton on 20 Aug 1778. Eshott is further north in Northumberland County (see research of Mr. Humphery-Smith and map ofthe area ofthe time). It is not known how long the family stayed at Eshott, but according to research the coal mines there played out pretty quickly. William evidently worked as a pitman and followed the coal trade, primarily in and around Newcastle and Gosforth. (There is another William who was born about the same time at Wallsend to a William and Mary Patterson but family tradition says William's father was Robert). At any rate, according to Church records he was manied to J a ne McGregor, daughter of Edward McGregor and Mary Dale, who resided in Tynemouth at the time. William and Jane were manied 24 November 1799 in the All Saints Church in Newcastle. William and J a ne McGregor were the parents of nine children, most of whom were christened at All Saints. (See picture of church.)

1. Mary Ann was born 23 May 1800 in Newcastle on the Tyne and christened 14 July 1800, at All Saints Church. She manied George Gardner and lived at Byker Hill near Newcastle.

2. Robert was born 3 Feb 1802 and christened at All Saints on 11 Apr 1802, but died as a child.

3. Elizabeth was christened at All Saints on 25 Dec 1803. She manied Richard Jobblin. Her death date is unreadable in the records of Joseph Bowman. (See Family Register in appendix.)

4. Jane was born 28 October 1805 and christened 5 January 1806 at All Saints. Jane died at age 15 at Heaton High Pit.

5. Ann was born 9 Mar 1808 and christened 24 Apr 1808 at All Saints. She manied R. Mitcheson, and died at St. Peter's Quay.

6. William was born 4 Feb 1810 and christened 8 Apr 1810 at All Saints. He also died in the mines at Heaton, High Pit at the age of 15.

7. Hannah was born 28 Jan 1812 and christened 29 Mar 1812 at All Saints. Hannah manied Marshal Craswell and died 12 Sep 1864 at Bellingham.

8. E dwa rd Pa t t e r son was born 7 Jul 1814 at Bake Old Engine, near Newcastle. He manied Ma ry Bowman from Janow, Durham County, daughter of William and Dorothy Duty Bowman. Edward emigrated to America on the ship Belle Wood and settled in Bloomington, Bear Lake, Idaho, where he died 19 Nov 1895. Robert Patterson (the second one) was born 12 Dec 1816 and christened 15 Dec 1816 in St. John's Church, Newcastle. Robert was also killed in a mining accident in June of 1837 at Benton Colliery. This made two sons who were lost in mining accidents and one daughter who died at age 15. How difficult their lives must have seemed. The coal miners lived very dangerous lives.


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After much searching, I was able to find the christening record of Jane McGregor at a little church called Christ Church, Tynemouth,Northumberland. "Jane, dau Edward McGregor, c 14 Nov 1779, Christ Church, Tynemouth Extracted record from C155973, film 1068907. The bonus was that I found anohter Mary McGregor who was c 16 Jun 1782 at the same church. Since this couple had another Mary McGregor 25 May, 1788 c at All Saints Church at Newcastle, I will assume that the earlier mary born at Christ Church must have died young. I have not found her death, however.

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