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Frederick "Fred" Carlson Syrett and Sarah Delila Bunce (2G grandparents)

Owned a flour shop in Panguitch, Utah

Fred Carlson and Sarah Delila Bunce Syrett flour mill, 33 South 200 East. It later became a fix-it shop. After that it became a private dwelling.

They also lived in this home

The home was built by Warren Sevy and sold to Fred Carlson and Sarah Delila Bunce Syrett soon after the Hatch Town Dam broke and flooded the Syrett's home. Later Meltair and Irene Syrett Hatch lived in the home.

Another photo of that home:

In the book

Conquerors of the West: stalwart Mormon

pioneers, Volume 4

By Florence C. Youngberg, National Society,
Sons of Utah Pioneers

It says:

"Died: 24 Apr 1935, Panguitch, Utah
Arrived in Valley: Unknown
Married Sarah Delila Bunce
Date: 21 Sep 1882, Salt Lake City, Utah
Parents: Lewis DeMotte and Sara Ann Sudweeks Bunce

Fred lived in Kingston, Utah, with his father after his mother died. His father
was a shoe maker. His neighbors loved to watch the way he designed and
built his home and the yard. When asked he said he was doing it like they
did in England. He loved England and missed it. Ruben, his father, set up a
flour mill where flour and cereal were ground. Fred allowed the Indians to camp
on Roller Mill Hill, as it was called, and they were given flour and bread.

In 1914 the Hatchtown Dam broke and washed away their home. They took
their children and left. They were able to purchase another home not far from there, but in town.
The children especially liked it because they were able to go to school. Sarah...
(page 2517 not part of the review, I guess I need to buy the book, or look for it in a library).

Related to them

Frederick Carlson Syrett and Sarah Delila Bunce
James Frank Houston and Roene Syrett
GPA Houston
---- Frederick Carlson Syrett was born 16 June 1858 in Simpson, Buckingham, England. His parents were Reuben Newman Syrett (1831-1902) and Susannah Barden (1823-1878). He married Sarah Delila Morrill Bunce, daughter of Lewis Demott Bunce (1826-1900) and Sarah Ann Sudweeks (1844-1927), 21 September 1882 in Salt Lake City, Utah. They had nine children. Ancestors, descendants and relatives lived mainly in England and Utah. ----


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