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James Elisha Hoopes & Martha Amelia Ivory (ggg-grandparents)

These are compilations of information from various websites--I can't find any stories about them. If any blog readers have stories, journals, etc. please feel free to post them online:

James Elisha Hoopes b: 1855 Fillmore, Millard, UT d: 1930 Beaver, Beaver, UT Married to Martha Amelia Ivory b: 1860

569. JAMES ELISHA7 HOOPES (SARAH (SALLY)6 STEWART, NATHANIEL5, SARAH4 FLESHMAN, ROBERT F3, HANS PETER2 FLEISCHMANN, CYRIACUS1 FLEISHMANN) was born February 09, 1855 in FILLMORE, Millard, UT, and died March 21, 1930 in Beaver, Beaver, UT. He married MARTHA AMELIA IVORY March 27, 1883 in Beaver, Beaver, UT. More About JAMES ELISHA HOOPES:Burial: March 25, 1930, Beaver, Beaver, UTMore About MARTHA AMELIA IVORY:Burial: February 03, 1944, Beaver, Beaver, UTChristening: December 1862 Children of JAMES HOOPES and MARTHA IVORY are:

i. METTIE ELNORAH8 HOOPES, b. November 02, 1883, Beaver, Beaver, UT; d. November 29, 1940, Beaver, Beaver, UT; m. GEORGE THOMAS WILSON, May 25, 1902, Beaver, Beaver, UT.

More About METTIE ELNORAH HOOPES:Burial: December 02, 1940, Beaver, Beaver, UT

ii. CLARA ELIZABETH HOOPES, b. June 17, 1885, Beaver, Beaver, UT; d. May 18, 1887, Beaver, Beaver, UT.

More About CLARA ELIZABETH HOOPES:Burial: May 20, 1887, Beaver, Beaver, UT

iii. JAMES BURTON HOOPES, b. June 16, 1887, Beaver, Beaver, UT; d. September 09, 1907, Beaver, Beaver, UT.

More About JAMES BURTON HOOPES:Burial: February 11, 1907, Beaver, Beaver, UT

iv. ARCHIBALD LYLE HOOPES, b. July 17, 1889, Beaver, Beaver, UT; d. October 05, 1983, Yuba City, SUTTER, CA; m. MARY MELISSA (MAYME) ALLRED, June 08, 1914, Orderville, Kane, UT.

More About ARCHIBALD LYLE HOOPES:Burial: October 10, 1983, Beaver, Beaver, UT

More About MARY MELISSA (MAYME) ALLRED:Burial: May 05, 1981, Beaver, Beaver, UT

v. LAVINA ANN HOOPES, b. August 26, 1892, Beaver, Beaver, UT; d. August 01, 1980, Cedar City, Iron, UT; m. JOSEPH ROBERT BRIGGS, September 20, 1910, Beaver, Beaver, UT.

More About LAVINA ANN HOOPES:Burial: August 05, 1980, Beaver, Beaver, UTChristening: November 07, 1892, Beaver, Beaver, UT

More About JOSEPH ROBERT BRIGGS:Burial: September 28, 1978, Beaver UtChristening: March 03, 1887

vi. JOSIE ALVIRA HOOPES, b. April 19, 1893, Beaver, Beaver, UT; d. August 16, 1982, ,Beaver, Beaver, UT; m. PERCY ADOLPH PUFFER, June 07, 1911, ,Beaver, Beaver, UT.

More About JOSIE ALVIRA HOOPES:Burial: August 19, 1982, ,Beaver, Beaver, UT

More About PERCY ADOLPH PUFFER:Burial: March 14, 1969, ,Beaver, Beaver, UT

vii. ZERELDA HOOPES, b. November 02, 1896, Beaver, Beaver, UT; d. August 30, 1958, Omaha, Douglas, NE; m. JOSEPH PARLEY ALLRED, August 25, 1914, Beaver, Beaver, UT.

More About ZERELDA HOOPES:Burial: September 04, 1958, Orderville, Kane, UTChristening: March 07, 1897, Beaver, Beaver, UT

More About JOSEPH PARLEY ALLRED:Burial: May 01, 1953, Orderville, Kane, UT

viii. THERESA HOOPES, b. November 18, 1897, Beaver, Beaver, UT; d. Beaver, Beaver, UT.

ix. ARTHUR HOOPES, b. December 20, 1898, Beaver, Beaver, UT; d. December 21, 1898, Beaver, Beaver, UT.

x. LENZY MATHEW HOOPES, b. February 05, 1901, Beaver, Beaver, UT; d. January 26, 1984, Kearns, Salt Lake, UT.

More About LENZY MATHEW HOOPES:Burial: January 29, 1984, Beaver, Beaver, UT

xi. ENNICE LEROY HOOPES, b. June 07, 1904, Beaver, Beaver, UT; d. March 13, 1989, Beaver, Beaver, UT; m. (1) ERMA JONES; m. (2) VAY BOULTER.

More About ENNICE LEROY HOOPES:Burial: March 1989, Beaver, Beaver, UT

xii. CLYDE BURTON HOOPES, b. June 14, 1907, Beaver, Beaver, UT; d. July 15, 1943, Beaver, Beaver, UT.

More About CLYDE BURTON HOOPES:Burial: Beaver, Beaver, UT

"6. James Elisha Hoopes was born on 9 Feb 1855 in Fillmore,Millard,Utah. He died on 21 Mar 1930 in Beaver,Beaver,UT. He was buried on 25 Mar 1930 in Beaver,Beaver,UT. He was sealed to his parents on 28 Mar 1946. He was baptized on 2 Jun 1863. He was endowed on 10 Oct 1918. He married Martha Amelia Ivory on 27 Mar 1883 in Beaver,Beaver,UT. [Parents]
7. Martha Amelia Ivory was born on 13 Oct 1862 in Monroe,Sevier,UT. She was christened in Dec 1862. She died on 31 Jan 1944 in Beaver,Beaver,UT. She was buried on 3 Feb 1944 in Beaver,Beaver,UT. She was born in the covenant. She was baptized in 1870. She was endowed on 9 Oct 1918 in the Salt Lake temple."

I found an article about M.A. Hoopes in the Beaver Press from the 1920s.

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