Sunday, January 09, 2011

Great Great Grandma and Grandpa Evans (Myra Mayall Henrie/David Hyrum Evans)

I visited my Grandma and Grandpa A yesterday. Grandma showed me old pictures from her geneology books. She kept mentioning what a "sweet lady" her Grandma Evans was. She was apparently very sweet to her grandchildren.

My mother remembers being scared of her because when they visited, the adults would visit, and the children would play. Thus, she never got to know her great-grandmother very well.

I think it is odd that they don't have their full names on the headstone...

Myra Mayall Henrie was born on 18 Apr 1884. She died on 6 Sep 1961.

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Blogger Nene said...

I was more scared of Grandpa - he always spit on the floor. Gross! I remember when I saw him spit I thought, "Oh no! Surely he did not just spit on the floor!" But he did!

1/10/2011 10:20 AM  
Anonymous Burk C. said...

I remember great grandpa poring Postum(?) into his saucer and slurping it while great grandma was stoking the wood stove.

11/22/2013 8:14 PM  
Blogger Delirious said...

Mom said it is spelled Maeall She also said that the second picture is Dee and Elmer Roundy, not Grandma and Grandpa Evans.

9/04/2014 7:36 AM  

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