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Isaac Rice & Mahitabel Stearns 7G Grandparents

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According to “A Genealogical History of The Rice Family” by Andrew Henshaw Ward (Boston, 1858), the parents of the Isaac Rice who married Mehitable Stearns (and had daughter Lucinda Rice, who is also my gggg grandmother, by virtue of her marriage to Ira Stearns) are Capt. Aaron Rice and Hannah Wright (page 52). This book has lots of info on the ancestry of Hannah Wright and, of course, traces Capt. Aaron Rice back to Edmund Rice, the immigrant.

This Isaac Rice was born in Rutland, MA, on Nov. 2, 1738. He was the last-born of the six children of Aaron Rice and Hannah Wright. They married Aug. 29, 1726, in Shrewsbury, MA (I got that place from a search at www.ancestry.com, not the Rice book, but the dates match), but had the marriage recorded in Rutland, MA, where they resided. Isaac's mother died when he was not yet 3 years old. His father remarried and there were 4 more children. Then Capt. Rice died in 1755 or 1756 (the Rice book says it was autumn of 1755) while in military service during the French and Indian War, commanding a company that was camped at Crown Point. Isaac was probably only 16 or 17 when his father died. I recently came across records of a guardianship proceeding in Worcester County in 1756 that appears to be for Isaac and for his younger brother, Aaron (although this Aaron's mother would still have been alive - she remarried in 1760). The Rice book mentions an “A. Bartlett” as guardian for Aaron in 1763. I wonder if that might be the source of some of the confusion regarding who Isaac's parents are?

Record of Isaac Rice's marriage to Mehitable Stearns shows up in Worcester, Worchester County, MA, on Dec. 1, 1768, the same date reported in the Rice book. The Rice book says they settled at Hardwick, had 4 children (John, Clark, Charles and Lucinda) and then moved away.

The Rice book does include an Oliver Rice who married a Hannah Barrett on June 30, 1742, and settled at Hardwick. They had 8 children recorded at Hardwick, 1746 to 1760-something. Ward says the Hardwick records are so mutilated that the names of 4 of the children are lost. The 4 names that appear are all girls.

I can't find an Oliver Rice married to a Hannah Bartlett in the Rice book. Of course, it is possible that someone confused Bartlett for Barrett or vice versa. And, it is possible that they had an Isaac who didn't make his way into the Rice book. And, I suppose it is possible that Andrew Henshaw Ward mistook records of one Isaac Rice for another one. But, he expresses no doubts about the Isaac born to Aaron and Hannah being the one who married Mehitable Stearns.

“A Genealogical History of The Rice Family” and a 1967 Supplement, compiled by the Edmund Rice (1638) Association, can be purchased from:

William H. Drury
24 Buckman Drive
Chelmsford, MA 01824

His email is: wdrury@chelmsford.com

The Website for the Edmund Rice Association is http://www.falgen.org/Rice/

562. Isaac Rice was born on 12 Oct 1742 in Hardwick,Worcester,Massachusetts. He died in Bennington,Bennington,Vermont. He was baptized on 4 Jan 1979. He was endowed on 30 Jan 1979 in the Salt Lake temple. He married Mehitable Stearns on 1 Dec 1768 in Worcester,Worcester,Massachusetts. They were sealed on 13 Nov 1973 in the Los Angeles California temple.

563. Mehitable Stearns was born on 7 May 1743 in Merrimack, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. She was sealed to her parents on 28 Apr 1965 in the Mesa Arizona temple. She was baptized on 16 Jul 1949. She was endowed on 4 Aug 1949.

Mehitabel Stearns1,2

Mehitabel Stearns married Isaac Rice, son of Capt Aaron Rice and Hannah Wright, on 3 September 1768 at Worcester, MA; (1 Dec per Hardwick copy) listed as Isaac of Hardwick and Mehitable of Worcester.1,2,3,4
Mehitabel Stearns and Isaac Rice resided at Hardwick, MA, and later moved away.5

Children of Mehitabel Stearns and Isaac Rice

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