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Wait Bradford & Wealtha (Wealthy/Wealthea) Bassett 7G Grandparents

9979. Wait Bradford. Born ca 1730 in Kingston, MA.131 Wait died on 24 Oct 1801 in Turner, ME.

On 1 Nov 1765 Wait married Wealthy Bassett in Kingston, MA.134 Born ca 7 Dec 1742. Wealthy died on 27 Apr 1783 in Kingston, MA.134

Children of Wait and Welthea (Bassett) Bradford, baptised at Kingston:134
i. Sarah, bp. 9 Oct 1774;
ii. Simeon, bp. 9 Oct 1774;
iii. Deborah, bp. Sep 1777; and
iv. Ephraim, bp. 14 Aug 1785.

Wait Bradford1

b. 1730, d. 20 October 1801
Wait Bradford was born in 1730.1 He was the son of Ephriam Bradford and Elizabeth Brewster.1 Wait Bradford married Welthea Bassett on 1 November 1765 in Kingston, Province of Massachusetts Bay. They had four children.1,2 Wait Bradford died on 20 October 1801 in Turner, District of Maine, Massachusetts, now Androscoggin County.1

Wait Bradford was born in 1730 in Kingston, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He served in the military as a Private in Capt. Weston's Company in the defense of Plymouth Harbor in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He died on 20 October 1801, at the age of 71, in Turner, Androscoggin County, Maine. Parents: Ephraim Bradford and Elizabeth Brewster.

Spouse: Welthea Bassett. Welthea Bassett and Wait Bradford were married on 1 November 1765 in Kingston, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. They lived in Turner, Androscoggin County, Maine about 1801. Children were: Sarah Bradford, Simeon Bradford, Deborah Bradford, Ephraim Bradford.

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