Friday, February 13, 2009


We went to do our taxes today with an older gentleman.  He has a run-down office in downtown Provo.  I walked in and was shocked by the pelts, lambs wool, mounted ducks, mounted raccoons, mounted badgers, mounted deer, etc. that filled the entire office.  He was an older fellow with a mustache, gray suit, and gray cowboy hat.  There was a big bowl of cashews sitting there on our side of the desk.  I hardly dared take any for fear they had dead animal dust all over them.  Well, I was hungry so I ate a few...

We are getting a pretty small tax refund this year, but I guess it is better than paying...

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Blogger RebeckerOnline said...

surely you got pictures of this character. no?

i'm happy to get stuff back, but it's just because "charity never faileth" and Turbo Tax helps me figure out every possible thing.

every little bit helps this year, right?

2/13/2009 10:11 PM  
Blogger Lindsay-Weaver said...

Taxidermy doesn't gross me out as much as it used to, now that I've watched my father-in-law do it. :)

2/14/2009 3:53 PM  

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