Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thomas Barnhurst & Susanna Phillips (5G Grandparents)

  Xeroxed copy of an old letter from Priscilla Barnhurst to Georgina Barnhurst Rice, tells of a permit from the King to one Thomas Barnhurst to practice law in some city in England. The city directory of Birmingham, England 1770 shows a Thomas Barnhurst, lawyer living on Park St.. In Birmingham (the yard) church records of St. Martins, shows the birth of the children of Thomas Barnhurst and Susanna Phillips in Birmingham.

The following is found on a list of British Aliens in the US during the War of 1812 dated 25 Jul 1812.

"Thomas Barnhurst age 39 in US since Aug 1811, wife and two small children, current alley, Locust Street, copper plate maker."

Declaration of Intent - 26 Apr 1813 - Common Pleas Court, Philadelphia
Naturalization - 2 Oct 1822, Common Pleas Court, Philadelphia

Ref: Descent chart - Robert Barnhurst

Compiled and edited by Allen Alger, Alger Family Historian - email: [1]


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