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James Stewart & Sarah "Sally" Fleshman (5G Grandparents)

James Stewart (b. 27 Feb 1772, d. 01 May 1835)

James Stewart (son of Alexander Stewart and Mary Moore) was born 27 Feb 1772 in Greenbriar, Virginia (West Virginia), and died 01 May 1835 in Green River, Indiana. He married Sarah Fleshman on 06 Nov 1795 in Greenbriar, Virginia (West Virginia), daughter of Robert F. Fleshman and Dorothy Baumgardner.

More About James Stewart and Sarah Fleshman:
Marriage: 06 Nov 1795, Greenbriar, Virginia (West Virginia).

Children of James Stewart and Sarah Fleshman are:
+Nathaniel Stewart, b. 09 Apr 1807, Casey Adair, Kentucky, d. 14 Mar 1869, Payson, Utah.
The Permit to Marry Sally

Interesting they had a child named Nephi who was born in 1814...wasn't aware this was a name used before the Book of Mormon was published.
be buried. I think she born in West Virginia. Children were Forrest, Charlie and Della " Linda L Friesel Carpenter llfriesel

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Sarah Fleshman/Legg/Stewart Abt. 1774 Virginia (?) possibly Augusta County James Stewart 1795 (November) "Greenbrier County, West Virginia; Casey County, Kentucky" "It is believed Sarah Fleshman married first (?) Legg (information unknown).

She later married James Stewart in Greenbrier County, West Virginia (Virginia) in November, 1795. (We have a marriage certificate.)

It is also believed James was born and raised in Augusta County, Virginia.

James and Sarah settled in Casey County, Kentucky. Children include: Polly, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Vesty (or Vesta) - all born in Kentucky.

James moved his family to Greene County, Indiana around 1810, but there is no record of his wife, Sarah, after that time, which leads us to believe she died before James left Kentucky.

I want to:
1. Locate where and when Sarah died; and
2. Find James' parents;

James died in the summer of 1834 in Worthington, Indiana. His Will was recorded in August, 1834, and does not mention his wife.

While there are many spelling variations of Stewart, James' children fairly consistently spelled their name S-T-E-W-A-R-T, and the Will signed by James is also Stewart.

I would be happy to share whatever information I have and would appreciate any leads or materials.
" Colleen Stewart 

I can't find much information on this family...the name Stewart, however, came from nobility in the UK.


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