Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dimick and William Huntington, Nauvoo

Just found interesting information on these two:

Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia Volume 1

Brother Edward Hunter and his companions (J. Bills and P. Lewis) reached Nauvoo June 27, 1844, the very day and about the same hour that Joseph and Hyrum Smith were murdered in Carthage jail. "Next day," says his narrative, "their bodies were brought from Carthage to Nauvoo. We formed two lines to receive them; I was placed at the extreme right, to wheel in after the bodies, and march to the Mansion. As we passed the Temple, there were crowds of mourners there, lamenting the great loss of our Prophet and Patriarch. The scene was enough to almost melt the soul of man. Mr. Brewer, myself and others took Brother Joseph's body into the Mansion House. When we went to the wagon to get the corpse, Colonel Brewer, a U. S. officer, taking up the Prophet's coat and hat, which were covered with blood and dirt, said, 'Mr. Hunter, look here; vengeance and death await the perpetrators of this deed.' At midnight Brothers Dimick B. Huntington, G. Goldsmith, William Huntington and myself carried the body of Joseph from the Mansion House to the Nauvoo House, and put him and Hyrum in one grave. Their death was hard to bear. Our hope was almost gone, not knowing then that Joseph had prepared for the Kingdom to go on, by delivering the keys to the Twelve and rolling off the burden from his shoulders on to theirs. Great sorrow prevailed in the hearts of the people.


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