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Thomas Hackley Warren & Hanna Cothen (5G Grandparents)

English and Irish (of Norman origin): habitational name from La Varrenne in Seine-Maritime, France, named with a Gaulish element probably descriptive of alluvial land or sandy soil. 
The family lived in Spartanburg, South Carolina

In my research I have found that the Colleton County, SC Warrens are a completely different group all of there own.

As for Thomas Hackey Warren + Hanna Cothen I show they had 11 children and he dies July 30, 1830 in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Thanks Norma
Sorry I do not have his will, maybe Ardith Warren/Stone has one as this is part of her line and if I remember correctly she was the one that found Thomas Hackley Warren.

Thanks Norma
Ardith's line comes through Hackley Warren + Sarah Shipp
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Descendants of Thomas Hackley Warren
       1        Thomas Hackley Warren       b: 1754 in Orange Co., North Carolina CD-100              d: July 30, 1830 in Spartanburg, South Carolina
..              +Hannah Cothen       b: 1764 in Tennessee aka Cawthorne/Cowthon CD-100       m: Abt. 1774 in South Carolina       d: in Spartanburg, South Carolina
..       2        Charles Warren       b: 1775 in Spartanburg, South Carolina              d: Abt. 1830 in Georgia Had NO WILL
......              +Milly Waters       b: 1768 in South Carolina       m: Abt. 1789 in Probably Georgia 4 daughters 5 sons       d: August 1836 in Greene Co., Alabama Had WILL
..              *2nd Wife of Charles Warren:                    
......              +Elizabeth Skelf              m: November 10, 1830 in Habersham Co., Georgia CD-226 First marriage       d: December 30, 1832 in Habersham Co., Ga
..              *3rd Wife of Charles Warren:                    
......              +Sidney Izabel Skelf       b: January 1820 in Habersham Co., Ga Widow Pension       m: February 24, 1833 in Habersham Co., Georgia CD-226       d: Aft. June 04, 1898 in DeKalb Co., Alabama Rec. Indiana War Pension
..       2        John Jackson Warren, Sr.       b: December 11, 1777 in Spartanburg, South Carolina Bible & Tombstone              d: November 18, 1851 in Yazoo Co., Mississippi 1850 census p527
......              +Priscilla Vaughn       b: 1784 in South Carolina       m: Abt. 1798 in 8 daughters 2 sons went to Yazoo Co., Mississippi       d: 1854 in Yazoo Co., Mississippi
..       2        Mary Warren       b: 1779 in Spartanburg, South Carolina             
..       2        Notley Reuben Warren       b: February 03, 1779 in Spartanburg, South Carolina              d: May 04, 1858 in Mountain, Dade, Georgia
......              +Mary Hanley       b: May 11, 1780 in Georgia       m: May 23, 1800 in Rising Fawn, Georgia       d: in Mountain, Dade, Georgia
..       2        Thomas Warren       b: 1784 in Spartanburg, South Carolina              d: Bet. 1851 - 1859 in Scott Co., Mississippi 1850 census p283
......              +Edney       b: 1789 in North Carolina possibly Edney Walker       m: in 1 daughter & 5 sons       d: in Scott Co., Mississippi
..       2        Elizabeth Warren       b: May 06, 1786 in Spartanburg, South Carolina              d: April 23, 1879 in Rabbit Valley Spring City, Wayne Co., Utah
......              +James Allred       b: January 22, 1784 in Randolph Co., NC Mormon bodyguard for profitJoseph Smith       m: November 14, 1803 in Randolph Co., North Carolina       d: January 10, 1876 in Rabbit Valley Spring City, Wayne Co., Utah
..       2        Nancy Warren       b: 1790 in Spartanburg, South Carolina             
......              +John Allred                    
..       2        Rhoda Warren       b: 1791 in Spartanburg, South Carolina             
..       2        William Hackley Warren       b: January 21, 1793 in Spartanburg, South Carolina              d: September 28, 1856 in Neshoba, Mississippi
......              +Isabella Hambleton Chambers       b: April 20, 1798 in Georgia I have her father WILL       m: February 13, 1816 in Franklin Co., Georgia 5 dau & 6 sons       d: April 03, 1862 in Neshoba, Mississippi
..       2        Sarah Warren       b: 1795 in Spartanburg, South Carolina             
......              +William Allred                    
..       2        Hannah Warren       b: 1796 in Spartanburg, South Carolina             
......              +Stott                    


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