Tuesday, April 07, 2009

After work photography...

I visited a few antique stores in downtown SLC after work today and then swung by temple square...mostly to use the restroom at the Visitor's Center, but also to get a few shots...

Check out links to see the cool temple shots and other shots from today...

For some reason, I can't download the thumbnails from RedBubble anymore...Hopefully you don't mind clicking the links...but I understand if you don't have time... :)

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Blogger Delirious said...

Those are GREAT! I really think you won't have any problem selling those. But I do think it would help to find a store that would be willing to take some. I think even someplace like Deseret Book would be able to sell them like hotcakes.

4/08/2009 5:59 AM  
Blogger Inklings said...

Beautiful pictures! You really do have a gift for photography.

4/08/2009 7:50 AM  

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