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Comfort Lewis (1769-1817) & Abigail Bragg (1770-?) (5G Grandparents)

He was born in Rehoboth, Bristil,MA and died in Wolcott, Wayne, NY.
She was bornin Cheshire, Berkshire, MA.
Comfort Lewis family who lived in 2 parts of New York in the late  1700's to around 1840-1850. They are first recorded in Ulster County near Marlboro, NY, and from there move to Wayne County NY in either Butler or Wolcott, NY (I have contradicting accounts). Comfort was married to Abigail and from all I
can tell was a farmer by trade. His family included:
Abial Lewis
Charles Lewis
Benjamin Lewis
Esther Lewis
Levi Lewis
Sally Lewis
Film and deed numbers for Comfort, I found the deed from the heirs of Comfort Lewis, deceased, recorded in Book P, page 286, Seneca County,  New York. That deed gave me the children of Comfort and Abigail and included all their spouses.
On the 1800 census for Otseg o County, New York it lists Comfort Lewis. So I found deeds from that county and found that Comfort and Abigail deeded away their property there about 1815, they then moved to Wolcott, Seneca, New York, ple ase note that county had a boundary change in 1823 and it then became
Wayne County. 
Comfort purchased his property in Wolcott, Wayne, New York from Elizabeth Hamilton, a widow on 1 Oct 1816, I have a copy of that deed. It contained 150 acres, he deeded away 50 acres of that land to Wilm Davis of Wolcott, on the 4 Jun 1817. And the heirs of Comfort, deeded the other 100 acres away in 1822.

Abigail, his widow by that time had remarried, Jonatha Runyon, the deed was signed by Charles and Lucy Lewis, Benjamin and Lucinda Lewis, Zion and Abigail Potter, George and Sally Hallet, Esther and James A.L. Bunce and Abial Lewis. They at that time were all listed as over 21 years old, and it also named Comfort and Levi as infants under 21 years old.
20. Comfort LEWIS, born December 06, 1769 in Rehoboth, MA; died Abt. 1817 in Seneca, Seneca Co. NY. He was the son of 40. Levi LEWIS and 41. Sarah STRANGE. He married 21. Abigail BRAGG February 01, 1790 in berkshire, MA.

21. Abigail BRAGG, born April 17, 1762 in boston, Suffolk, MA. She was the daughter of 42. Abeal (Abial) BRAGG and 43. Abigail WILSON.
Children of Comfort LEWIS and Abigail BRAGG are:
i. Charles LEWIS, born Abt. 1797 in NY.
10 ii. Abiel LEWIS, born Abt. 1800 in NY; married Iley BELCHER.
iii. Benjamin LEWIS
iv. Abigail LEWIS
v. Sally LEWIS
vi. Comfort LEWIS
vii. Levi LEWIS
viii. Esther LEWIS, born May 22, 1806.


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