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Anders Jensen Schou (Schow) & Anne Christensen (5G Grandparents)

Anders Jensen Schou (1783 - 1847)

Born in Skovhus, Denmark on 1783 to Jens Mathisen and Kirsten Christensdatter. He passed away on 1847 in Aalborg, Denmark.
Anders Jensen Schou was born in 1783, I find him on the 1787 Census with the father Jen Mathisen and mother Kirsten Christensdatter. When I go into the parish records in Astrup, Aalborg I find only Jen and Kirsten and Anders as 4 years old, this would make him born in 1783. I researched and found the following children born to Jens and Kristen. None are on the 1787 census, only Anders and his parents. There is a Mathias-opslag 271 born 9 Jul 1783, Christen Jensen born 11 Jun 1766-opslag 229, Anne Dorthe born 11 Jun 1769-opslag 245 she died 11 Jun 1769-opslag 466, Anne Dorthe born 10 May 1770-opslag 229, she died 21 Oct 1770-opslag 468, Mathias born 10 May 1772-opslag 255, Mariane born 5 Nov 1775-opslag 263, ?(Peder) born 12 Oct 1777-opslag 263 and Kjirsten born 25 Jun 1781. The records I have say the children died before 1791. I can find no death records. Jens died 13 Feb 1791, opslag 477.

My records say that Kirsten died 5 Mar 1793 or 1795. I find the hustru of Niels Mathisen on that date. I would like to know when Anders Jensen Schou started using the last name Schou and find his birth record. Thank you.
Anders Jensen SCHOU

birt: 1783
plac: Skovhus, Solberg, Aalborg, Denmark
deat: 1847
plac: ,, Aalborg, Denmark

birt: 23 FEB 1783
plac: Bygum, Oster Bolle, Viborg, Denmark
deat: 6 JAN 1836
plac: Fjelso, Viborg, Denmark


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