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Abiel Bragg & Abigail Wilson (6G Grandparents)

Abiel Birth 25 Jun 1730 Shrewsbury, Worcester, Massachusetts Death ABT 1790 Shrewsbury, Worcester, Massachusetts ---- Abigail Birth 1726 Of,Newton,Mddlsx,Mass Death Abt 1793 ----,_Massachusetts,_Massachusetts ---- Abiel Bragg (1730 - Unknown) Born in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, USA on 25 Jun 1730 to Ebenezer Bragg and Zerviah Brigham. Abiel married Abigail Wilson and had 6 children. ---- Abigail Wilson (1729 - 1824) Born in Massachusetts, USA on 1729 to Edward Wilson and Hopestill Rice. Abigail married Thomas Goodenow and had 12 children. Abigail married Abiel Bragg and had 6 children. She passed away on 1824 in Keene New Hampsire, Cheshire, England. ---- 1. ABIEL4 BRAGG (EBENEZER3, TIMOTHY2, EDWARD1) was born June 25, 1730 in Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, U.s.1,2,3. He married ABIGAIL WILSON January 29, 1753 in Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, U.s.3. She was born June 05, 1729 in Marlborough, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, U.s.3,4,5. Notes for ABIEL BRAGG: Ancestral File Number: N344-KR Notes for ABIGAIL WILSON: Ancestral File Number: N33N-14 Children of ABIEL BRAGG and ABIGAIL WILSON are: i. LOUISA5 BRAGG, b. June 27, 1754, Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, U.s.5,6,7; d. January 26, 1835, Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, U.s.7,8,9. Notes for LOUISA BRAGG: Ancestral File Number: N33N-29 More About LOUISA BRAGG: Christening: July 07, 1754, Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, U.s.9,10,11 ii. ELIZABETH BRAGG, b. December 27, 1755, Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, U.s.11,12,13; d. Bef. 1786, , , Massachusetts, U.s.13,14,15. Notes for ELIZABETH BRAGG: Ancestral File Number: N33N-CT More About ELIZABETH BRAGG: Christening: March 14, 1756, Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, U.s.15,16,17 iii. THANKFUL BRAGG, b. December 03, 1757, Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, U.s.17,18,19. Notes for THANKFUL BRAGG: Ancestral File Number: N33N-HJ More About THANKFUL BRAGG: Burial: Brook Farm, Kingsey, Drummond, Quebec19,20,21 2. iv. JOAB BRAGG, b. April 29, 1760, Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, U.s.; d. April 09, 1832, Vassalboro, Kennebec Co., Maine, U.s.. v. DOLLY BRAGG, b. May 01, 1762, Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, U.s.21,22,23. Notes for DOLLY BRAGG: Ancestral File Number: N33N-60 vi. HOPESTALL BRAGG, b. July 25, 1764, Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, U.s.23,24,25. Notes for HOPESTALL BRAGG: Ancestral File Number: N33N-75 vii. MOLLY BRAGG, b. September 23, 1766, Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, U.s.25,26,27. Notes for MOLLY BRAGG: Ancestral File Number: N33N-8B viii. ABIAL BRAGG, b. September 01, 1768, Petersham, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, U.s.27,28,29. Notes for ABIAL BRAGG: Ancestral File Number: N33N-L2 ---- Edward Wilson, whose wife, Hopestill, d. in Marlboro', Jan. — -, 1731, and who there m. Margaret Angier, April 4, 1732. There is no record here of birth or baptism of any of his chil., nor is the name of his wife on record here. Abigail Wilson, who m. Abiel Bragg, in 1753, and Susanna Wilson, who m. John Frost of Westboro', June 2, 1757, may have been his daughters ; they were of this town. ---- Abiel Bragg was born on 25 June 1730 at Shrewsbury, MA.2,1 He was the son of Ebenezer Bragg and Zerviah Brigham.1 Abiel Bragg married Abigail Wilson, daughter of Edward Wilson and Hopestill Rice, on 29 January 1753 at Shrewsbury, MA.2,1 Citations [S3] Rice Gen'l Register, p. 98. [S256] Shrewsbury MA, Shrewsbury, MA, Vital Records. ----


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