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Surname Houston

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18 May 2010

Dear Ryan

Thank you for your e-mail enquiry.

The ancient family name of Houston was Paduinan from a place of that name in Lanarkshire.

The village of Houston in Renfrewshire was originally called Kilpeter meaning “ the chapel of Peter”. In the 12th Century the lands of Kilpeter were granted to Hugo (or Hugh) de Paduinan, a follower of Walter Fitzalan, High Steward of Scotland, who founded Paisley Abbey about this time. The settlement which grew up around Hugo’s castle became known as “Hugh’s toun” and later as “Houston”.

I hope this information taken from George H Black’s The surnames of Scotland clarifies the origin of the surname Houston.

Yours sincerely


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Blogger Nene said...

Interesting. BTW - I had a friend in Ireland named Fiona. :0)

5/18/2010 4:07 PM  
Blogger Amber said...

how cool!

5/19/2010 7:33 AM  

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